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Dimmu Borgir Sorgens Kammer del II Lyrics

Last updated: 09/27/2013 09:25:25 AM


Minnenes ekko stiller timen
Kneblet i tungsinnets lenker faller jeg ifra
Ikke lenger vil jeg være boltet fast i vemodighetens anker
Men endelig få lengselen slukket - Etter å dra

Drakk jeg for meget av livhåpets krus
Tok jeg gledens forfengelighet for gitt
For min strid mot tomhetens smerte - Denne dødsangstens rus
Er det eneste ene igjen - Som er mitt

I min ensomhet vet jeg likevel
At jeg ikke har noen andre å takke enn meg selv
Derfor er jeg rolig når
Repet strammes rundt min nakke

Stumme vitner kan ei gi trøst
Menigmann i gravkorets forsamling vil aldri fatte
Det landet av fortapelse
Jeg egenhendig skapte

Denne intense dragning mot dødens portaler
En vandrende studie i gråtkvalt messe-noir
Behersket siden tidenes morgen
Men noe jeg aldri lot slippe taket - Var sorgen

I min ensomhet vet jeg likevel
At jeg ikke har noen andre å takke enn meg selv
Derfor er jeg rolig når
Repet strammes rundt min nakke


The echo of memories sets the hour
Bound in the chains of gloom I fall from..
No longer will I be bolted to the anchor of melancholy
But finally to get my longing extinguished - To leave

Perhaps I drank to much of the mugs of life’s hope
Did I take the vanity of pleasure for granted
For my battle against the pain of emptiness - This trip of death anxiety
Is the only thing left - That is mine

In my solitude I know anyway (that)
I have no one to thank but myself
That is why I am calm
When the noose tightenes around my neck

Mute witnesses can not comfort
The common man in the funeral choir, I will never comprehend
The land of damnation
Which I singlehandedly created

This intense pull towards the portals of death
A walking study in tearfully choked Messe Noir (black mass)
Mastered since the dawning of time
But something that I never let go of - Was the sorrow

In my solitude I know anyway (that)
I have no one to thank but myself
That is why I am calm
When the noose tightenes around my neck

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you people assume things | Reviewer: metalthrasher66 | 9/27/13

First of all, I don't know why any of you are blabbing about your religion because this song mentions none of the sort. The music video doesn't even represent of taking a certain faith, just demonstration of some particular topics. However, the lyrics evoke a morose tone to the viewers and it talks about suicide and death; you people are assuming what the band members of Dimmu Borgir have faith in. If you're so cocky about their faith, why don't you take the trouble of bothering these people and asking them what they believe in. This is why there is war and hatred because people judge others and their opinions and relate it to their religion so they could go and REPRIMAND them for it! Listen people, if you really like this song, then don't assume things about it that you know that could be doubtful. If you don't believe something, then don't believe it! Furthermore, other fans are no different from your tastes of music if they obviously like this band, so why do we humiliate, reprimand, ostracise, and verbally abuse them for saying what they want to say? But please, if you want to share your views about religion do it so that either the band members would hear you, or people who would actually care about what you have to say; get some real people to neogotiate with. Don't go putting me down though, because you damn well know that I'm right and your brain is just acting defensively just so that you won't be looked down upon as well. Thank you.

idiots.. | Reviewer: Justin | 5/11/13

All of you are retards. This is a song about depression and suicide. This comes from somebody who actually feels it and knows where the writer is coming from. This has nothing to do with religion.. If you don't like religion then fuck off and the people who declare how satanist or christian you are. NOBODY GIVES A FUCK. I would love to punch every last one of you over and over until you quit acting stupid. Fuck.. every time that I watch a metal video someone has to mention religion. FUCKING SHUTUP YOU BASTARDS. Most of you are probably MMO playing nerds anyways.

fuck everything off | Reviewer: lucifer | 10/25/12

the video is brutal and evilish...every christian reading this shit, ami togo maye go chudi falay falay bon go thapray thapray khankir baccha dimmu borgir and shagrath hails lucifer

Bow before the might of TRUE Black Metal | Reviewer: Grimjer | 10/13/12

Dimmu Borgir doesn't cut the cake like underground BMers do... They TRY to make themselves scary, but ya know there's a fine line between HOLY FUCK that is scary to wow, how fucken spooky (sarcasm with a patronizing flare)... I do not hate Dimmu Borgir for being famous, but trying to put themselves as a mainstream Black Metal ensamble is a crime against black metal itself... Yes I am an elitest when it comes to Black Metal, I have been one for nearly a grand portion of my life. And yes I do worship Satan as my Lord and Master. The rest you can suck my dick for calling this a great contribution to Black Fucken Metal.. Mainstream + Black Metal = Pussies/Traitors

No religious binding | Reviewer: MetalCloud98 | 8/30/12

i believe that dimmu borgir may not be a real Black Metallica but they create nice music. i am a devoted CHRISTIAN and it doesn't make sense if we fight each other about religion. it's a matter if liking these kinds of music especially the genre. Some people don't really understand that. Well, at least, we all know the right thing. . . when it comes to music, METAL reigns. . .

Satanism | Reviewer: Patrick 'lazarus' | 7/11/11

Ok.... Before I start, this band is amazing I love their music and I love all black metal,
Dimmu borgir are NOT 'satanists' they use the image to mock what they hate and I'm all for that 100%,
I am a 'satanist' I do not follow the teachings of Aton, I follow an all together different teaching,
We believe in the bible and believe for the mist part it's true ( not all) and we believe in heaven and he'll.
We idolize Satan, belial, leviatan ( hebrew spelling his name has no H ) and lucifer, we Idolise them for their characteristics.
We have our own views and teachings, and we DO NOT threaten people with our "evil doings" or death, we leave people be unless they harm us, in that case we give back as bad as we get, we don't hate people for their religious views as we believe that if you have faith and are happy with your choice that is good enough we have no hate for Catholics or Christians or any other religion because it doesn't harm us, we simply don't care....
I'm a satanist and I'm happy with my choice if faith but would NEVER force it upon others....

fools | Reviewer: neutral | 3/24/11

song is pure music is pure and I will laugh at those who follow and seek help who could not help himself. Waiting for a miracle to happen and got disappointed and in order to console says "forgive their sins" I am sorry who are you to tell "forgive your sins". Live life and enjoy life.....

my opinion, not looking for a response | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/3/11

if you knew anything about dimmu, you would know that they are PSEUDO-satanists. not real satanists. and by the by satanist's don't believe in heaven or hell, god or satan, that would be luciferianism that you are thinkng of. the term 'satanist' is just a term used to mock the christian religion( go read the satanic bible). dimmu, does not condone any religious beliefs, go your own path and just live. which is why they make extremely violant videos depicting religious scutiny. hence, an extreme pseudo-satanic band, that chooses to mock and scare the shit out of christians. (because they hate them, not because they worship anything, certainly not a mystical creature in a book that they do not believe)

blah | Reviewer: Jon | 9/6/10

There are different forms of satanism. Religion was created by the Government, and Religion doesn't have to be Judeo-Christian/Catholicism ect, there are also many forms of religions so look into your shit before you start judging. Anyways, being how Dimmu Borgir is strictly against the Bible and that form of religion, where would these guys be if it didn't exist. There wouldn't be black metal. Who really cares?? It's all bullshit.

suicide | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/20/09

Why are all of you having a religious debate about a song that’s clearly about suicide? He is talking about depression and how he fucked up at life. Then he talks about killing himself. I don’t even know how you could compare this to religion except for the nature of the band. In the video he depicts the bassist as Jesus to describe a sense of pain. If you’re going to have a debate bout Satanism save it for the sacrilegious scorn (which is atheist anyways).

:P | Reviewer: Imglidinhere | 12/11/09

It's good to be agnostic then, I suppose. I don't get the whole Satanic religion. So you know of God and Satan but you do "whatever the fuck you want" and ensure that you go to Hell? Or did I misunderstand that?

You DO realize that what happens to you in Hell is described as everything you hate and fear the most happening over and over and over and over again for all eternity, and dying in the worst ways repeatedly. An eternity of torture, in other words... And you want that to happen? I personally don't really know whether to believe in something like Hell or Heaven right now. I'm just living life to it's fullest. :P

For those Satanists:
It's easy to act all demonic behind a computer screen and threaten to slit throats and all that good stuff but none of it phases me anymore because... I've given my full address, including state, city, zip code, and directions to my house and nothing has happened.

Final Note: The song is dark. It's probably the darkest and single most EVIL song I've ever heard. :D

cheese sauce | Reviewer: Iwer | 6/13/09

Okay... How do you know that Jesus was the son of god? Religion is just a made up fantasy - another way for the government to control you, following god's laws = Following the government's laws. If any of you faggots knew anything about satanism, then you would know that they do not beleive in satan himself, but are their own gods, and can do whatever the fuck they want. religion is a joke. kill yourself. \m/

Words of Life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/6/09

The video clearly is depicted based of john the baptist and jesus. The fruitless tree bears honey instead of fruit, therefor it is holy. Read about this at the beginning of Matthew in the New Testament. They have both done deeds of unrightousness to be seen, as well as deeds of righteousness to be seen by men. This is in wearing upside down crosses, and the latter in the picture of the barren tree with a honey hive and a skull in it. The song has to do with he who comes to baptize in fire and water as well as man's interpretation of holy scripture.

Satanism? | Reviewer: Jonas | 4/1/09

I believe few of the members of the dimmu borgir members actually are me religion is pointless, but we live in a world where the devil seems to be the most effective tool against it. I consider myself a hardcore black metal fan but to me worshiping satan is just as pointless as worshiping god. religion was invented by people desiering power!

satanism | Reviewer: Madeline | 3/30/09

satanists do believe that there is a god and there is satan they just choose to worship satan instead of god. im muslim and i worship god and i think it stupid that people worship something that god made and is much less powerful than god himself, but believe in what you wanna believe in. the satanic bible explains how stuff happen in a way that makes sence and any idiot will get, but the way god explains how stuff happen in the bible, the human mind just doesnt have the wisdome to understand. even in their interviews, a member of dimmu borgir (not sure who) said that the first time they read the satanic bible, it all made sence to them. so people who worship satan, most likely have read the satanic bible and the way it explained stuff to them, just made sence and they chose that satanism it the right thing.