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Soon I'll be dead, I'll lay in my bed
I've made in my years, I won't shed a tear

We're all guilty anyways
The dumb games we all play
All tarnished and scarred, when did life get so hard?

We'll drink to auld lang syne,
With fortified wine,
We'll drink to tymes olde from pitchers of gold.

Soon we'll be dead,
To death we'll be wed,
We'll slip on the ring, it ain't a big thing

And though you may curse 'thee',
We're angels of mercy
And sometimes we fall; ya can't win them all.
(Or can you?)

I'll pass out at dawn,
And dream of friends gone.
As the morbid embrace warms over my face.

And soon we'll be dead, (Yeah, soon we'll be dead)
Our brains and our heads, (My brains and my head)
They've always forgotten, when did life get so rotten?

Soon I'll be dead,
I'll lay in my bed.
I've made in my years, I won't shed a tear

Soon we'll be dead, (Soon we'll be dead)
We'll lay in our beds, (We'll lay in our beds)
We've made in our years, we won't shed a tear.

Soon we'll be dead,
Our brains and our heads,
They've always forgotten, when did life get so rotten? (Yeah)

We won't shed a tear...

(If we leave the responsibility of tomorrow up to institutions like the World Trade Organization, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, we're dooming ourselves to a future of corporate feudalism and ecological catastrophe.)

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this is too funny | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/09

it's weird and kinda funny listening to everyone interpret this song in their own way. i've been friends with them since the early 90's when scott was still in "no commercial value" and i was good friends with so many of the people they are actually talking about, some past bf's, some close, some just in the same circle, one of them my best friend murdered. in our lives if you make it past 30 you're over the hill and it's only because you didn't die of heroin when you used to or still do dope, after 35 as some of us are finding out if ya made it past heroin the alcohol from the hep-c that developed into cirrhosis kills ya by 35-40. i'm 33 failing liver, don't dink anymore and never planned for life lasting this long and neither did they. when you wake up, you wonder who died today and amazing that you woke up. knowing him i'd say this song is a mixture of numbness, envy, and there's also the image of all of them standing together toasting their chalices to us as we spill our 40oz.

Greatly poetic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/30/09

tHIS SONG AFTER LISTINING QUITE A FEW TIMES MADE ME THINK.iT MAde me think that life is short so live it out while you can because you'll never kno when that mysterious oddesy called death can come snatch you up into the great beyond some call "after-life".This song is one of my favorites on this album "fuck World Trade" I recommedn highly that more people start living thier lives instead of spending money on themselve on shit they dont even need and spend life how intended.By getting drunk with friends and having fun with life while you still clutch it wirth your tiny hands.

Punks sure know how to write | Reviewer: Mike-L Page | 6/7/09

It never ceases to haunt me how different this song is from the rest of the music on the album... One minute I'm thrashing, and then this song comes on, and for some reason I can't help but cry.

I can only hope that I, and the ones I care for in this life, can go so serenely into the beyond. None of us know what to expect, nor do we care, and hopefully it'll be the same till our last, furtive, dying breath. Too many have gone worrying whether they've lived life correctly, but I say if you've lived life at all you must be doing it right. But maybe that's just the attention-whoring poet in me talking.

And as a fan of the band, I feel obligated: Fuck the Police.

For Ian | Reviewer: Marilee Murphy Odendahl | 6/18/08

He said - don't you get it mom? Leftover Crack - get it? It's a joke! There is no such thing as "leftover" crack! He thought it was hysterical. And he thought the band was fantastic - music, politics - the whole package. He ordered a Leftover Crack hoodie to style around in. One one morning he called out to me, "Come listen to this Mom!" There he stood, glorious in the morning sunlight singing along to the haunting melody - as if he had written those lyrics himself - the words all bound up in his experience, his fatalism, his go-for-broke life. As I watched him sing, transported, his expression full of longing I thought No. you are too vibrant - you will live forever. Three months later he was gone - He always had to be right. And I'm left here with the lyrics singing along my synapses and the image of my beautiful son with the wild mane singing his own death. He said it was no big thing - I hope that was the case. I miss him so.

such an awesome song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/07

A friend of mine just recently committed suicide and he always listened to this song, it sometimes makes me wonder if he was tryin to tell me somethin....
Also another really good song he loved, This flesh is a tomb by Atreyu, it's awesome, check it out!

Wonderfullt poignant | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/16/07

This song, melodically, is quite different to alot of the musicality involved with most of the album "Fuck World Trade"; and it has a direct sincerity and moving sound. The addition of the band The World/Inferno Friendship Society for this specific song works well as uses of instruments like accordions, etc. brings a welcoming atmosphere, a sense of unity gets created as it reminds you of people connecting, loving, etc.

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