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Sonnie Carson Biography

Last updated: 04/05/2014 04:57:30 PM

Known to many as the boy genius who graduated high school at an early age, Sonnie Carson is now the man taking over the Rap music scene with smooth lyrics, sheer rhymes, and a solid flow.

In 2005, during his very first live performance on the Source Tour, Sonnie began his essence of stardom performing on tour with Hip Hop greats such as Nappy Roots, Akon, Memphis Bleek and Black Moon. After the Source Tour, Sonnie put his skills to test and wrote a multitude of songs including “Time Is Money,” where the lyricist explains his story “Glory hallelujah, I just wanna shine but this aint the kinda story you go tellin to ya jeweler.” Performing alongside major artists before even releasing his first mixtape or album, he definitely began to shine…

Recently, Sonnie signed to Scream Entertainment, the record label who is fixated on launching careers for a new breed of rappers who sounds create a synergy of main stream music mixed with hard up-tempo hip hop beats. Scream Entertainment consultants have worked alongside legends of the music industry including Mary J. Blige, Sean “P-Diddy” Combs and Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins. While at Scream Entertainment, Sonnie has worked with famed producers such as Buckwild, D.R. Period, Kwame, and Neo Da Matrix, just to name a few of the great talents.

With all he has accomplished thus far, Sonnie is showing the non-believers that the future is what you make it. His music commands the ladies attention and makes the other male up-and-coming artists step their game up, remember he’s…not your average man! It’s a lyrical genius you’re listening to!!!