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Time warp back to the '60s. Pop songs, ditties, the British
Invasion, The Beach Boys, The Byrds, blah blah blah. With
very few exceptions, pop-rock music was all about
tunefulness - about making music that was pleasing to the
ear. Of course there was an undercurrent of avant-garde and
modern classical composers putting a dent in this wall of
perfect harmony, but nothing that rocked the boat on a very
large scale.

As the years dragged on, the ear-pleasing hits multiplied,
and despite innovations from Hendrix, The Velvet
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Reviews about Sonic Youth songs

sweet song | Reviewer: sonic_junkie
    ------ About the song Sweet Shine performed by Sonic Youth

my ultimate sonic youth song,simply beautiful melodies,swirling around with perfect reverb & delay,combined with kim's unique voice,and unorthodox,unconventional lyric content ! sonic at there best !

!! | Reviewer: kool thing
    ------ About the song Kool Thing performed by Sonic Youth

my fav song!! KOOL THING!!!!! i like to skate up to ppl on my rollerskates and swerve around when im stoppin and nod up n down n tip my glasses n go "hey kool thing". ALWAYS GREAT FOR A PARTIE!!!! 5/5 would listen againe.

I love this freaken song! | Reviewer: Brenda
    ------ About the song Superstar performed by Sonic Youth

It's so mellow, and when I need to concentrate on something I set in on full blast!
lol I love it! LOVE IT!

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah, well, talk to u guys later!!!


waves of sound | Reviewer: David the Bruce
    ------ About the song Providence performed by Sonic Youth

I'm not a big sonic youth fan but this song puts me in a state of bliss. The piano with feedback/white noise is lulaby. Mike Watts abrupt phone messages really make it. Daydream Nation is an important album.

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