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Rebecca St. James Song of Love Lyrics

Last updated: 01/09/2014 04:58:47 AM

Jesus, King of my heart
Father, my peace and my light
Spirit, the joy of my soul You are

Jesus, to you none compare
Father, I rest in Your care
Spirit, the hope of my heart You are

The heavens declare You are God
And the mountains rejoice
The oceans cry Alleluia
As we worship You Lord
For this is our Song of Love

Jesus, You save my soul
I'll thank You forevermore
Jesus, the love of my life You are


Jesus, I am in awe
Of the love that You have shown
Jesus, how precious You are to me


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Song of love | Reviewer: Prince Taiwo | 1/8/14

Wow! Um, am just so happy about this song! Firstly I don't might to go for this kind of song. But when I search and it's brought out this song, and I went through it! Hmm! Amazing!!! Jesus I Love You.

8/29/2013 | Reviewer: poky poks | 8/29/13

This song inspired me a lot. Whenever i'm in depress, lonely and sad, i turn this song on and thinks how much God did for us. What can we do for Him? Lets go and tell the world the love of Jesus. Hats off to the composer and the singer.

Song of love | Reviewer: Mathew Riame | 8/26/13

This song really caught my heart.When i first heard of this song,i was very much eager to have in my cell phone because it really inspire me and,now i've got it and yah,when ever i backslide from God,i listen to this song and realise it is really true.God bless you.Amen

Song of Love | Reviewer: Esther SoFavoured Reuben | 6/14/13

what a worship song, heavens declare HE is GOD, mountains rejoice and oceans cry allelluia, ... what will fail us to worship HIM with all what we have.... praises & honour be unto YOU GOD!!!!

Father,my peace and my light Jesus how precious to me Spirit the joy of my soul | Reviewer: Go Suan Mung | 8/19/12

This is an inspring song especially to me.
Whenever i sing this song, i praise our God with lots of tear and i know more about Him. Thank God for touching me through this song...thank the composer and the singer as well..

song of love | Reviewer: FLORENCE | 9/29/10

Iwas spitually touched when i hard it .my lover had refused to pick the phone and i was there very sad but when turned my eyes on the screen it was like an engel singing for jesus .I immidiately felt the love of Jesus inside me rather than of a human being

Jesus how precious u r to me | Reviewer: herlin priscilla | 4/19/09

really i love this song. i thank God for this friends everyone liked it. i feel the presence of God so much in this song. whenever i hear this song, the joy of the Lord fills my heart abundantly.

my love for christ | Reviewer: jimmy joseph george | 4/3/09

the first time i heard this song was when i was 14 years old. though i grew up in a christian atmosphere i didnt know the real LOVE OF GOD. as the song went on it really moved my heart and made me move closer to CHRIST. "ALL GLORY TO GOD"

Song of Love and song of | Reviewer: Larry | 12/15/07

I love this song! It is wonderful. We sang it at church and it was my breakthrough song. Before I was just nervous about lifting my hands and falling to my knees. But now I am fine and its a glorious thing to know that I have the Lord always.. ALWAYS "Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you; He will never let the Righteous fall" -Psalm 55:22- Live for the Lord!

song of love | Reviewer: PIA | 8/29/07

i love this song. i sang this song for our christmas program, by Jesus coming into this world it is the ultimate love that someone can ever give us. Glory to God!