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Letting Go Of Your Hand I Walk Alone Again
On This Path In This Pain
My Flesh Burned Away My Body Broken
Thought I Was Strong

I See The Perfect Day
I Won't Walk Away(x2)

I Gave My Faith To The Wind Today
I Won't Let You Make The Same Mistake
It Seems So Easy To Walk Away
Remember How It Use To Be
i'll never, (NEVER)
Ill never, (NEVER)
Make the same mistakes!


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To Devon | Reviewer: Josh | 6/11/11

This song is so amazing, and i agree with devon that we all interpret songs differently thats why music is the best language. but Devon how can you say you believe in God but yet don't believe in what God says? to think hell dose not exist is to say heaven dose not and to say heaven don't exist is to say God dose not. meaning what you just said was I believe in a God who I believe doesn't exist.

Not trying to get at yo Im just a little confused as to who you believe in?

Great | Reviewer: Chris D | 7/11/10

I love this song and band. I also want to say is I agree with Devon songs have no set meaning its wat u want it to be. Also im a Catholic and thats very similar to Christianity anyway i follow the rule "God helps those who help them selves" So yes as Devon said every thinks and believes differently

just my view | Reviewer: brandon miller | 1/27/10

well my view as a christian. u see i am not religious. i have something even better, a personal relationship with God. my name is brandon miller and i have changed my entire life for God. i love the new me. i give every penny i find to my church. i ma in a metal band. its called the dead beat chikkens. i persoaly like this song. it shows a reflection of my life. i was in the wrong crowd. God has moved me in such a powerful way that when i think of the old me i start to tear up. i love the lord as he loves me and everyone else.

Open mind. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/09

Great song, I love finding heavy bands with at least somewhat inspirational lyrics. & to other reviewers, you need to keep an open mind. Some people don't view cussing as wrong, and if they enjoy the music, that seems good enough.

Honestly? | Reviewer: Devon | 6/1/09

Kaii, so honestly, what does it matter what this song is "about"? When different people listen to any music they relate to the song and come up with millions of meanings...this song could mean anything doesnt always have to be about god..or whatever...i believe in god, but i believe he doesnt help us, i dont believe theres heaven or hell, i believe we get reincarnated...sooo we all have different views and beliefs, leave it at that

It's a christian band | Reviewer: Kris | 12/16/08

Your cool. But yes this is a Christian band.
"My Flesh Burned Away My Body Broken" is describing hell.
I dont think a worldly let down would end up in burned away flesh. I will let you keep your view because hey, If God sends you to hell i dont lose a thing. But you know. I honestly don't hope of that for you. I think God will eventually touch your life.

dan...get over yourself | Reviewer: emily | 9/22/08

haste the day is FUCKING awesome...

im not christian at fact i don't even believe in god...but they kick ass...

in my opinion this song is about having faith in someone and regreting walking away from them and letting them and yourself down...let people have their own interpretations...even if that means cussing (OH NO....) in a song you believe is about god...

Christian Band | Reviewer: dan | 10/2/07

this is a Christian band. why would you cuss in a review about them. the song talks about never walking away from God again.

this song rocks | Reviewer: jay | 4/14/05

i love haste the day and this song fuking rocks

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