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I got my head checked
By a jumbo jet
It wasn't easy
But nothing it is,
No -

When I feel heavy metal WOOHOO!
And I'm pins and I'm needles WOOHOO!
Well I lie and I'm easy
All of the time but I'm never sure why I need you
Pleased to meet you!

I got my head done
When I was young
It's not my problem
It's not my - problem -

When I feel heavy metal WOOHOO!
And I'm pins and I'm needles WOOHOO!
Well I lie and I'm easy
All of the time but I'm never sure why I need you
Pleased to meet you!

Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Oh, yeah

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Utter Rubbish | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/2/13

Hate to break it to anyone who provided a so-called "interpretation", but the lyrics to this song are in fact complete nonsense. The band wrote the song to mock the grunge movement rampant in the United States at the time (since they were anti-grunge, and sought to replace any grunge present in the UK with britpop). They didn't really like the song, and most likely wouldn't have put the song on their album if they hadn't been pushed to do so by their record label. It was such a last minute decision and hastily made/unimportant song that they didn't even bother providing it with a name, hence the title "Song 2" (it's the second track on the album, not that most people would know that). I'm a big fan of Blur, and one of my greatest pet peeves is when people obsess over Song 2 only, and don't bother listening to anything else (and even have the balls to claim that they're fans").

Wow | Reviewer: Maryee Oliver | 4/1/11

I have had so much given to me by trying to understand Blur. These fellows are individuals who excell and together they bring sounds and lyrics to a new Great level...... I first heard a Blur tune on an American commercial.....Woohoo Woohoo.....Some how this song is just so catchy, goes from simply to bammy!

skate-thrash anthem | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/27/10

well, well, all this time & i never knew these boyz are brits -- i thought the vocalist was just one of those so-cal punk rockers who simply sings that way -- my take on this is that it's another example of the incisive way in which UK artists can be so good at channeling yankee sentiments, & in this case it's the sk8r-nation aggro vibe that's lifted -- for examples from other genres, just listen to how Albion's children have taken on R&B & C&W grooves ... i hear this song & think of a mohawked OC lad catchin' big air with a beat-up deck ...

Woooo hoooo!!!! | Reviewer: j053 | 9/17/09

to the person before me: I heard the songs you said, they're cool (a little bit older), but this song.... I mean, is one of the best of the 90's... it's just... it's Song 2...!!!!

As many people, I heard it first in the FIFA 98' SNES game. And to me sounds like a brake-up and it's getting hard to forget it... and yeah, it's a little bit hard to understand british accent when you're not used to it. Woohooo!!!!

blur = life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/14/09

lol yeah that's called a British accent...

uuughghhh I hate it when I say something about blur and everyone's like oh yea Song 2 n then they DONT KNOW ANY OTHER SONGS... it's a great song but notttt the best blur song go listen to Chemical World, Globe Alone, Shes So High, Parklife, Out of Time, Coffee & TV, Jubilee....idk just if u like this song then like listen to other blur because they're amazing!

I hate u | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/17/09

this song is about a man who had a recent break up.... he wants to forget her bt he nt able to...... he is under depression.... his head is overrun by a jumbo jet... he feels like heavy metal.... he is trying to get away this feeling.... bt he is crazy.... his mind is nt working..... amazing song.... catchy this song... :)

Ohhh! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/25/07

Oh THAT'S what he says!!! This song is so catchy, but since he frequently puts the wrong emPHAsis on the wrong sylLABel, I've never been able to understand the lyrics!

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