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Il Divo Somewhere In My Past Lyrics

Last updated: 04/19/2009 11:00:00 AM

I met you just tonight
but i keep wonderin why
it seems i've always known you all my life
I held you only once
but i keep wondering why
it seems i've held you forever

Can it be true
Could i be wrong
that somewhere in my past
i fell in love with you

can it be true
could i be wrong
that somewhere in my past
there was also me and you

i kissed you only once
but i keep wondering why
it seems i've kissed your lips so many times
i know you only now
but i keep wondering why
it seems i've known you forever

<repeat 2x>

oh yeah

I love you only now
but I keep wondering why
it seems i've loved you forever

there was you and i...

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luv it! | Reviewer: zhiel | 4/17/09

im so mch inlove with this song, it touches my soul, when i heard this song, i kip it on playing and playing again...there's something in this song that i can't describe, all i know is im crazy inlove with this song.........

somewhere in my past | Reviewer: gemini | 1/21/09

i luv this song so much,before i don't know the artist but i now i knew it already,Julie Vega..after a month of her death that i was born..watched her movie roberta and i cried for she's with the Lord after 23years..

Somewhere in my past | Reviewer: theasil | 2/4/08

Yeah, i really like the song..... FYI the original artist of this song is Julie Vega a child actress of Philippine Cinima. This was produced by Emerald Records ownd by Emelda Papin and her husband. This is the first and last song of Julie Vega because she died at an early age. Julie Vega is one of the best child actress in the Philippines. I cant forget this song you know because im an avid fan of the child star, Julie Vega

...? | Reviewer: Leanne | 1/23/08

You know, it's many artist who find old songs, and sing them as their own.. it's probably called a "cover versjon":p I'm sorry my really bad english..
but I don't really care who singing long I can listen to it:p
but on youtube on videoke, it onsly say Divo..nothing else..:p

THIS IS NOT IL DIVO IT IS.... | Reviewer: heather | 10/28/07

i think this is sung by Divo Bayer ?? THIS IS NOT IL DIVO i have all their songs and am currently listening to the download of this song and it is NOT any of the guy from IL DIVO!!

Not Il Divo | Reviewer: Tammy | 9/15/07

This song is not sung by Il Divo - I have them all and It is not on any of their Albums ~
If they sing it, tell me where to find it ~

somewhere in my past!! | Reviewer: sheryl woods | 9/9/07

yes i really love that song coz it reminds me about my past.this song really touch me and made me cry.when i heard that song im thinkin about my past that i fell inluv with some1 i thought going to be a serious 1 but maybe were not really meant to each other.but he will always be my past.

Revival | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/16/07

This song was already released in the Philippines in the 80's by Julie Vega.

some where in my past | Reviewer: allen | 3/23/06

yeah i really like that song, and its my pleasure to hear it again... u know that song is to nice, and if u hear that song is to nice and make u touch on it.... bcoz u realy understnd to ur passing past... and u make cry on it..... that's why i want to find that 1 song.....