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Barry Manilow Somewhere Down The Road Lyrics

Last updated: 08/13/2013 07:05:53 AM

We had the right love
At the wrong time
Guess I always knew inside
I wouldn't have you for a long time
Those dreams of yours
Are shining on distant shores
And if they're calling you away
I have no right to make you stay

But somewhere down the road
Our roads are gonna cross again
It doesn't really matter when
But somewhere down the road
I know the heart of yours
Will come to see
That you belong to me

Sometimes goodbyes are not forever
It doesn't matter if you're gone
I still believe in us together
I understand more than you think I can
You have to go out on your own
So you can find your way back home
And somewhere down the road
Our roads are gonna cross again
It doesn't really matter where

But somewhere down the road
I know that heart of yours
Will come to see
That you belong with me
Letting go is just another way to say
I'll always love you so
We had the right love at the wrong time
Maybe we've only just begun
Maybe the best is yet to come
Cause somewhere down the road
Our roads are gonna cross again
It doesn't really matter where

But somewhere down the road
I know that heart of yours
Will come to see
That you belong with me

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I will always love you..Little "P" | Reviewer: Fily | 8/13/13

I don't know what to say cause when I'm thinking about her I'm just speechless but one thing I do know "I love her with all my heart" and I'm so sad because she don't answer my calls or text anymore.I think she don't love me anymore and that feeling is killing me.
Now I fully understand this song :-(

-=i always knew inside i wouldn't have you for a long time=- | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/15/11

he's 5years older than me.. we're in this right now... he has commitments,i do too.. it will just be 2weeks and 4 more days then he'll be gone.. unclear if he could still come back.. he'll go back to his commitment with his gf, i'll be living the same with my bf... everyday is BITTERSWEET... we fell in love in such a wrong time that every time we're together, the love keeps on growing and the pain keeps on burning.. everyday will pass by with special memories.. everyday will be one day less that we will have.. 18 more days to be with you... 18 more days to love you.. i love you, you will be my sweetest memory

Prend | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/10

I had a boyfriend and we broke up in 1990. He married in 1993 and I married in 1994. We didn't have communication since then and I was surprised when he called last January 2010. I did not expect that call anymore. I cried so hard after his call and I knew the feelings are still in our hearts. He is so special to me, so special that after all those years, the feeling had not changed. He said he missed me so much and wanted to see me again, to hug me tight and kiss me. As days go by, we keep exchanging iloveyous though we know it's wrong. we just can't give each other up. Later i heard this song by barry manilow and i pondered what it meant, we still have the right love for each other but in the wrong time but hoping our paths would cross again.

we have write love at the wrong time | Reviewer: chami | 1/20/10

when i was 12 years i show the dream thast my first lady i love its dream, i was serch same face of lady i love,when i was joint the company i show the lady i dream, we work same company then we stay at same building of accomadation, we get start 2 love each other but we have similer time two sea each other even we are in one building becz she s married n she hv familly in country, she dnt want two shw up we are togethr 2 others, nw shw when back home to her famiy. we love each other so much if we meet write time maybe our love wil great,i hope somewhere dowen the road i ll meet her again,, she s my panda, i m her monkey love u so much my panda 4 ever,,,,,,,,,,,

Sometimes goodbyes are not forever | Reviewer: crazywoman | 12/1/09

i had a relation with a married man, i really love him and i know he love me too,,most of the time we are saying goodbyes and trying to end our relation,, but really its hard for me,he's my everything..but we both know that our relation is no hope, no future ...i plan to go to other place somehow i will not see him anymore and maybe somewhere down the road we will meet again..

Love Message | Reviewer: Bi | 11/16/09

After a long relationship I met that woman...the one that´s capable of pushing you to realize all your romantic dreams...someone so special that makes your heart aches simply from thinking of her...capable of turning you into a better person...of brightening the world with a simple smile...
I´m a man who almost never cries, but after listing to this song and thinking of my girl I couldn´t stop the tears.
Love you Bi, and if we ever come to get together I promise to make you the hapiest woman ever.
Love you, babe!!!

I still believe in US together" | Reviewer: mar | 10/30/09

we are both happily married with kids.. gone away from our families to work for them. they were the source of our inspiration working in the desert. Somewhere down the road..we met each other..close friends..closer and became closest friends..just between the two of us. no one has ever known, not even ourselves that we were at the verge of falling in love..we have always denied to ourselves what we have within but the suppressed feeling comes out in between the lines. until we kissed.. said i love you during an unguarded moment. our faith and love for our own families has kept us away physically from each other. when we see each other, we just kept telling ourselves that we know we couldn't have each other for a long time, when they are calling us, we don't have the right to make each other stay.. we had the right love at the wrong time. we said goodbye many times and we have let each other go for we love each other but it was never forever because we know that in our hearts..there "WE live and we still believe in ÜS" together.

Lovers | Reviewer: Lovers | 8/19/09

Not so many people experience the real love until they die. But I'm blessed because I've experienced it but in the wrong time, wrong place and wrong person. I'm married and have four kids when I met this guy. I'm married because of an unwanted pregnancy. Then finally came this person who became my best friend, and finally more than a friend. Seven years ago we've ended our relationship because I choose my family more than him. He's ten years younger than me. And before we parted, he sang this song to me and I cried...

Right Love, Wong Time | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/09

I met a younger man over a coffee and a simple hello. After seven years of loving, laughing and watching him grow to become a successful CPA (Account), I must let him go to find what he's looking for. A young wife to bare his children
because this is what his family wants and expects from him. We Love each other very much , and although he would like to spend the rest of my life together, he doesn't want to cheat himself out of a chance to have a family. I don't want him to be lost without anybody when I pass on someday. He had no family in the U.S. as he's from another country.
He is 25 years younger than myself.

heartbreak and letting go | Reviewer: Helen | 6/15/09

I had the most beautiful love with the most wonderful man who has such a beautiful heart and soul. I came out of a 28 year marriage 3 years ago. Although I loved my husband, I was never really IN LOVE with him. I met Paul 5 months ago. He danced with me a few times one night out then he appeared the next time I was out and asked if he could walk me home and again the following week. I had a good feeling that he is not like most other guys. He is different. He was very affectionate and asked if I believe in fate cause he thought we had something. We both felt that we were meant to meet. He is married with 2 children aged 17 and 18. He couldn't make love to me for 2 months because he said he loves his wife and kids so much. They depend on him so heavily. He does everything for them because he see's it as his responsibilty. There is nothing wrong with them but they seemed to have used to him doing everything. He has a very stressful job aswell. When we were both out on the same nights we would go for a stroll hand in hand and keep kissing and cuddling and not wanting to let each other go. We fell very deeply in love with each other but he had to let me go because he said his can't hurt his family. He ended our affair once b4 but came back to me the next day cause he said he couldn't lose me. As time went on, He started to feel less guilty and kept saying, even though he knows its wrong to be with me, it felt so right and so good and he felt happy and relaxed with me. The need for a lot of sex for me, seemed to disappear and was replaced by very strong love feelings. We made love so many times and it was beautiful. He would go out for a stroll or a bike ride and I would meet up with him, sometimes only for 5 mins but it meant a lot to both of us. On saturday 13th june, he ended our affair saying he can't live with the guilt anymore. He stayed with me for 2 hours just holding me and making sure I was ok. I wish he would think about what makes him happy instead of thinking of all else for a change. Obviously something is missing in his marriage for him to come to me in the first place. I believe he found what he was looking for with me but the guilt feelings came back and now I have lost him. Through my tears this morning, The title of this song was put in my head out of nowhere. Is it a sign? I don't know. I had to get online and read the lyrics. I am very upset because I have lost the only man I ever been IN LOVE with.

my somewhere down the road | Reviewer: deb | 6/10/09

just want you all to know that it can happen. my fiance and i broke up after graduation in 1972. i knew he wasn't done running so i let him go. guess what? almost 33 years later we met again and have been together for almost three years now . somewhere inside me i always knew we would end up together again. even though we both went our own way and met and married others my heart never let him go. now he is settled and i have the love i always wanted. sometimes you have to go through a lot to get to the other side and trust me we sure did but in the end we found each other and the spark that was there now 36 years ago is still there he still gives me butterflys everytime i see him and i still make his toes curl so it can happen. it can. there was this corny saying when i was a teen "if you love someone let them go if they don't come back you never really had them at all if they do you will have them forever." sometimes it is true. for us true love never died it just took a very long break. it was like being lost for a very long time and finally finding our way home.

i wanted to be love in a right time... | Reviewer: beauty | 4/6/09

i have a boyfriend.... but met a man who love me truly but afraid to fall deeply with this man because i was still in the relationship with my boyfriend.....letting go is just another way of saying i always love you so....

Me and my right love | Reviewer: Gardo | 2/20/09

we broke up almost ten years ago. 3 years later before my wedding day, she called me up, asking how am i. what the hell? Knowing she already was married also in california. But still I got the same feeling towards her. Time went by until years passed us again not communicating with each other. from time to time, after checking my emails, i learmed that she still sending messages to me. last two years ago, she managed to get back here in philippines, and we got the chance to meet again. old feelings start to grow. unfortunately that day, i am supposed to fetch my wife and 5 year old kid in megamall. so we ended up to small coffee shop back then checking from time to time if my wife's already in our meeting place. she didnt knew i met my old girlfriend. and then she went back to us 3 days after we met. and now, we recently exchanging chat messages again remembering our old days, our once lost love, and she actually told me, she still loves me. and it really breaks my heart. she's always tryin to push me sayin it literally that i still love her, but as always, it didnt tun out that way. i don't express myself, feeling guilty for my wife. we even talk of having kids maybe someday, our own kids , maybe. i am writing this and hopefully i understand what is going on with me. dated february 20, 2009

letting go is just aanother way of saying ill always love u | Reviewer: abigail | 4/13/08

if i hear this song it makes me cry,because i have loved a person in the wrong time, and i know somday if we meet and theres still loves between us,never lost, it means he belongs to me' 'i love you,u kno who u are'

right here waiting | Reviewer: leah C. Falguera | 2/18/08

at times when we love we have to learn to let go even if it hurts. the lyrics of the song meant letting go of someone you love even if it hurts and hope tht somedy you'll cross ech others path again. its true. sometimes we just hve to hold on... anyway... i also had the right love at the rong time and im waiting for the time to just simply turn right.