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Keith Urban Sometimes Angels Can't Fly Lyrics

Last updated: 12/28/2010 10:00:00 AM

Somewhere tonight, there's somebody cryin'
And feelin' completely alone
Somewhere tonight, there's somebody tryin'
To find a way back home

Mmm-mm I don't know why
Mmm-mm but sometimes angels can't fly

How many times have you judged a stranger
Shakin' your head in shame
And wondered how could they fall so far
Well maybe they're not to blame

Mmm-mm I don't know why
Mmm-mm but sometimes angels can't fly

They've got their wings and they've got their will
There's blue sky all around
But sometimes it seems that we're destined to be
Forever on the ground

I don't know why, no

Look at us runnin' around in circles
Chasin' our peace of mind
Searchin' in vain for our wayward halos
That some of us never find

Mmm-mm I don't know why
Mmm-mm sometimes angels can't fly
Mmm and I don't know why
Mmm sometimes angels can't fly

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Great writer | Reviewer: Keithfan | 12/28/10

Keith urban is argubally the best singer/songwriter/guitar player around today, and this song just furthers that idea. this song really shows Keith's ability to just dig deep and touch our souls. it says that some people that are good may not look like it, that maybe the cant help themselves for what they do, their intentions may be good but they do wrong, "I dont know why, but sometimes angels cant fly." beautifu words from you Keith, come to St. Louis as fast as you can we'll be waiting!

My angel plays Music | Reviewer: kerwoman | 8/14/06

There ain't nothing about Keith that I don't love.He is absolutely "Aussome" and just so happens to be the most beautiful human being {other then my own children} that I've ever laid my eyes on.Keep On Rockin Me Baby!!!! *P.S.Don't stop touring just yet Keith I need to see you a few more times....*

Inspired KEITH as usual | Reviewer: Urbanite | 3/28/06

I absolutely love this song. I don't think it would be as compelling if someone else sang it. Keith has the loneliness in his voice and depth of spirit this song commands. Very appropriate for what is going on in the world today.