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I still recall the taste of your tears
Echoing your voice just like the ringing in my ear
My favorite dreams of you still wash ashore
Scraping through my head 'til I don't want to sleep anymore

You make this all go away
You make this all go away
I just want something
I just want something I can never have

You always were the one to show me how
Back then I couldn't do the things that I can do now
This thing is slowly taking me apart
Grey would be the color if I had a heart

Come on tell me
You'll make this all go away
You'll make this all go away
I'm down to just one thing
And I'm starting to scare myself
You'll make this all go away
You'll make this all go away
I just want something
I just want something I can never have

In this place it seems like such a shame
Though it all looks different now
I know it's still the same
And everywhere I look you're all I see
Just a fading reminder of who I use to be

Come on tell me
You'll make this all go away
You'll make this all go away
I'm down to just one thing
And I'm starting to scare myself
You'll make this all go away
You'll make this all go away
I just want something
I just want something I can never have
I just want something I can never have

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NIN | Reviewer: Curt | 12/11/11

Say what u want about Reznor's voice, there was so much more heart and feeling when he sang it. What u call monotone I call pain. U can feel the pain in Reznor as he sings it. There is none of that when flyleaf sings it. Yeah she may change her pitch from time to time and scream a lyric or two but her emotion that she portrays is ameraturish at best. She doesn't feel it like he does (mainly because it isn't her words). Shes better off making her own song with her own lyrics she can relate personally to.

Agree to Disagree | Reviewer: Slackerl3itch | 10/25/11

Umm... okay imo, Flyleaf is DECENT. I love NIN but I'm not going to sit here and say NIN is better than Flyleaf or the other way around. Point is it all boils down to preference but this songs lyrics are to be credited (and are) to Trent. If you enjoy Flyleaf's version you still have NIN to thank for that. So no matter which band you like NEITHER is better than the other. I feel proud that Flyleaf felt the desire to redo this song. It gets more people into NIN or at least spreads the amazing meaning of the lyrics. For real NIN fans that's a plus. Not to mention I think it was a good cover and I can always respect other rock bands.

wow guys | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/12/10

i listened to both versions of the song. and i gotta say those people who are arguing that one is better than another r pretty messed up. when flyleaf redid the song, they didnt change it at all. it's just a female vocalist with everything else the same. for those idiots that say that flyleaf "defaced the song and completely changed its meaning" they have no idea what they're saying. the meaning didnt change at all. flyleaf rocks

Love this song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/25/09

I had never heard the song until Flyleaf sang it. It is amazing! Lacey's vocals are perfect as well as the passion in this song. Don't be haters people. Yes the original band and or writers should take credit, but this version by Flyleaf is hands down way better than NIN could ever do!! I have listened to both.

ok. | Reviewer: Sadao | 10/9/09

So guys. Grow up. Don't bicker. The lyrics didn't change and the meaning of the song hasn't miraculously changed either. I agree. It has more feeling with Flyleaf. The singer has an amazing voice through which you can feel emotion. Nine Inch Nails is amazing. Their version isn't bad either. What I really like is the lyrics. Not whom sang the song. But the meaning. Really thinking about it can bring you to tears. Its an amazing song. Both bands had played this very well. And as for the writer of the song. He must have very strong emotions. This is a piece of art.

@#$% | Reviewer: MikeJones | 3/4/09

This version is cool i guess. Trent Reznor sings it better live. Like on current tours. For you kids out there, the studio version of this song came out in 1989. Flyleaf did it as more of as tribute. So NIN fans shouldnt cry. I am a huge NIN fan, and i like this version ok. Just like Johnny Cash's hurt. It is good. But a 15 year old kid named trent reznor wrote it.

sigh. | Reviewer: julie | 3/1/09

I honestly doubt Flyelaf are taking the credit for NIN's song, it's just a cover. Someone just wasn't familiar with the original and entered the lyrics as Flyleaf's creation. It's not the end of the world kids, relax. Some of you are blowing this way out of proportion, chill out, you might implode...

STFU | Reviewer: nathan | 2/18/09

hey if u search for the lyrics to this song online most of the pages that come up are for NIN NOT flyleaf, so NIN are gettin the credit, and some ppl wont be familiar with the original, just this one (mainly n00bs), plus, if u dont like this version, why are u on THIS versions lyrics page?

Stop bickering, dammit! | Reviewer: Loki | 1/8/09

I agree that Flyleaf shouldn't get the credit for this song - Nine Inch Nails wrote it, so the lyrics probably shouldn't be posted anywhere else under the name of a band who simply covered the song, even if they did alter the lyrics just a little bit.
But really, STOP. KNOCKING. FLYLEAF. I appreciate both versions as good music, but by personal TASTE I would rather listen to Flyleaf's version. This song was not butchered, you asses, it's the Flyleaf's interpretation! They have a different style, they play differently, the singer sings differently, THEY. ARE. NOT. THE SAME. BAND.
The musical quality of both versions is great. Both bands are talented, and anyone who doesn't agree needs to really look into both bands and stop being such a dick.
Shut the hell up if you can't say something with some common sense.
Thank you.

NIN vs. Flyleaf | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/18/08

If NIN wrote the song then congratz to them it has good lyrics. However, Flyleaf sings it with more emotions and not monotoned. if u can have good words and the emotions to backing it up then u win .Congratz flyleaf u won!!!

Flyleaf's is better. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/21/08

Personally, after listening to both versions, I prefer Flyleaf's cover. It sounds alot more graceful, and she actually has a good voice.
Yeah, NIN are world famous, and are respected alot more than what Flyleaf are. But to be honest, his voice is ridiculous.

i agree | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/08

NIN is one of the greates band on the planet. Not flyleaf. The song is realy sweet but the way these wanna-be's completely defaced it is something to be ashamed of sure we all want something we can never have, but if you want the real meaning of the song just listen to Nine Inch nail's ORIGINAL version.

this is not a fuckin' flyleaf song | Reviewer: keepin' it factual | 1/21/08

when a band covers a song, they don't deserve, nor should they recieve credit for the artistic content of that song. That is what this is. It is misleading. This is a nineinchnails song. Not fuckin' flyleaf. Whoever entered these lyrics as flyleaf lyrics, is a fuckin' mook. Learn what good music is, and who the originator of those lyrics is before you make your half-assed submissions about some pack of cheesedicks who could never be worthy of eating Trent's shit, let alone come close to his calibre of talent.

~*~{[ <3 ]}~*~ | Reviewer: Maria | 4/28/07

I love this song... mainly cuz I know what its like to want something [someone actually] that you can never have :*(

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