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Megadeth Something I'm Not Lyrics

Last updated: 12/29/2013 09:02:02 AM

Your mind tells you that you've lost your confidence
You're drifting and ya don't believe in anyone
To lose what little you have left to be proud of
Afraid you can't do this again, ah!

You said that nothing come in-between us
And the way of getting things we wanted done
Then enissophobia held you under its influence
Until you compromised your style

Solo >> Mustaine

Everything about you has been one big charade
What will you do now that the well's run dry? Cry?
To sell out all your friends and stab them in the back
It's something that you are; it's something that I'm not

When you forced me into doing what you love
Mark my words no one loves you very much, yeah mark em'
And when you tried to change me and tried to replace me
I couldn't help but end just hating you, hmm!

Being a fraud can only last so long, you should know
Till what ya sensed as a child returns, you little baby
To choke out the voice that told ya "money and the fame"
Would fill the crater that you dug for yourself

Solo >> Mustaine

Unlike you I'm no vision to myself, lest you forget
You didn't ever make Metal, buddy; Metal made you
To crush and run over everyone along the way
Is something that you are; it's something that I'm not

A stranger to yourself, ha! ya pissed me off again
I won't be driven by your needs anymore
What you'd become to do or be is clear to see for me
It's something that you are; it's something I'm not

It makes me sick to hear you say you "love me"
I know you only love what I can do for you
If you were the one that was leading the charge
Would you notice if I missed a day or two? But that's impossible!

We all laughed at the parodies that you'd become
Now your pain slowly paid back has begun
So, accept my resignation, or in your words "betrayal"
Before it gets much worse, end this self-sabotage

Solo >> Mustaine

Something I'm not, something that you are, something I'm not

Solo >> Mustaine

Something I'm not, something that you are, something I'm not
Something you are, something that I'm not, yet

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This song goes straight in the face of Metallica ! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/13

If you know anything about metallica or megadeth past then you perfectly recognize this song is dedicated for lars and james ... Metallica wanted becoming popular and they are now a sold out burned out band ... they are playing the same song on almost evry concerts in the past 20 year what is not megadeths way metallica want to full fill just the masses dream and earn money they forget about what is music ! You didn't ever make Metal, buddy; Metal made you this is Master of puppets or even any of their album is very unique ( i fuckin love metallica ) but when i listen old classic bands than i recognize who was fuckin legend who made metal ( black sabbath , king diamond , mercyful fate ) they are so much better musicans and they have opened new ways for metal and not metallica !!! they just copied and perfected it ... nothing unique or special ! sorry but if you dont belive me just listen King diamond/mercyful fate what themes did they write before metallica did anything And justice for all ?! oh leave it listen king/mercy in early days they did it before metallica did anything or obituary they did so much more brutal music already in the 80' 1 song from them : Obituary - Insane they are crazy or Pantera DimEbag Darell he did something new and unique ... and metallica still making the biggest mistake in their life not playing for themself to enjoy it they play over and over again the same songs ... ( enter sandman , sad but true, welcome home, nothing else matters, seek and destroy, battery , creeping death, for whom the bell tools,master of puppets, one on evry fuckin single setlist cause they afraid they will loose some fans and the irony they are lossing them and very fast !!! dont belive check their past 20 years concert !!! there was no concert without this songs ...

Stop it, please | Reviewer: DanielR | 4/18/13

It has become a classic theme: Megadeth lyrics -> Metallica fans get offended. Metallica lyrics -> Megadeth fans get offended... I can tell you I'm a big fan of BOTH OF THEM, why? Because I can appreciate ALL of their work, even Load ('tallica) and Risk (Deth), which aren't even near of being similar to their first ones. You all have to stop enclosing yourself to one part just because the band took a risk in new grounds. You call yourself a "fan" when you only know a few of the "Thrash era" songs? Let me tell you: that's not going to stop them from playing those "Alt-Metal songs" live. I say: If there's stupid music around, why to fight within us?

Stop the shit | Reviewer: 2ME | 8/30/10

ok listen listen, megadeth has stuck to there music style, as a mater of fact, his solos have not gotten nor easier no lamer nor more repetitive, metallica used to be real good, but if u listen to there songs, they are pretty much the same, the same rythm, a solo or to but pretty basic and repetitive, i dont know, im not on anyone of those two┬┤s side but personaly i think in this time, megadeth is better

Lets not get our pantys in a bunch | Reviewer: Cody | 6/18/10

Metallica is good at wat dey do.but its not thrash metal like it was.every1s in awhile dey come out wit A song dat sounds like dey used 2.but dey r not wat dey used 2 claim 2 b.Megadeth stayed closer 2 the original attitude.I agree wit troy.but no need 2 shit urself SoulEviscerator.its just an

Weren't the real deal?! | Reviewer: SoulEviscerator | 4/2/10

How stupid was your comment, troy? Ripping off Mustaine's riffs? Lol, are you retarded? Even MetallicA-riffs aren't that complicated they are well performed and the songwriting is kinda top. MetallicA are talented and for some reason that well-known (yes, yes... commercial... fuck off). And what about all the awards? Just because you obviously don't like them it doesn't mean they are bad at all. Would love to see you performing like this... just to bring this typical MetallicA-mood to thousands of concert-visitors attendees... it's just hilarous.

obviously talking about metallica | Reviewer: TROY | 11/16/07

dave -thank you -thank you -thank you -for not staying in metallica - after they were done ripping off your riffs - they showed they weren't the real deal. MEGADETH IS # 1