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Answer quick"All Ages Show." What the first thing that
comes to mind? It most likely spiky-haired 13 year olds
running in packs, colors dripping down the back of their
necks from day-of-show dye jobs. Probably not melody
loving high school kids and college students freely
intermingling with a subdued contingent of work-a-day
thirty-somethings. It not what you would have guessed, but
that exactly what you find when Southern California quintet
Something Corporate takes the stage.

And, while on the topic of assumptions, you probably More...

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Review about Something Corporate songs
hahahahaha buck cherry, yeah right hahahahahaha | Reviewer: the dead kid
    ------ About the song Anything Anything performed by Something Corporate

yeah don't wanna sound like a bitch but definitely by dramarama on cinema verite. probably one of my fave pop punk love songs of its time, was dancing to this track in the clubs in Brisbane back in 1990 and it was a classic then. buck cherry I don't think so my friend.

Wonderful | Reviewer: Miktlynk
    ------ About the song Konstantine 2001 (Welcome To The Family Version) performed by Something Corporate

This is a Wonderful song indeed, and in my opinion a lot better than the Original. I give thanks to those who have taken time to post these lyrics. These wonderful, beautiful, absolutely fantastic lyrics to this amazing song.

Actual Love | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Watch The Sky performed by Something Corporate

I cannot even begin to explain how beautiful Andrew is. Not in a fan girl way. But because he writes the most beautiful music and has a wonderful heart. He has changed my life forever.
It's people like him that makes me remember the beauty in the world and how many others there are out there as lovely as him.
I am overwhelmed with admiration

my Konstantine | Reviewer: nadia
    ------ About the song Konstantine performed by Something Corporate

my gf is the most amazing girl i will ever meet and she always told me to listen to this song. i listened to it once or twice and stupidly i did not understand it.
i never realised how much i loved her and needed her until i let her go one day thinking that i could do so much more without her holding me down.
this period of my life was the most darkest i had ever experienced. all i could do was hate myself for hurting her and if i ever let my mind stop thinking, it would drift off into memories of her and wen i was with her.
i missed being able to hold her and i missed talking to her and listening to her. everything was just wrong.
i never thought i would ever b happy again until i decided that being without her was the worst that could ever happen to me. I listented to Konstantine again and suddenly it hit me. She was my konstantine...everything i live and breathe.
one night, in july this year, she said that she could hear music (she was nice enough to still talk to me despite all of my mistakes).
Although i was not listening to music i said that i could hear it too. She asked wat it was and i said "you". You brought Konstant in my life. I told her i missed her and that i was nothing without her. I said i wanted it to b konstant. She said "it is konstant...coz i never stop loving you" This is konstantine...she is my konstantine and i will never ever hurt her again as long as i live.
She is a secret which i want to know...i dont know where shes been and all the people that she knows but i love her unconditionally.
i love my konstantine <3

Love this song. | Reviewer: Deirdre
    ------ About the song Konstantine performed by Something Corporate

It's an amazing song, beautiful, sung with passion everytime he plays it live, which is a treat if you see him play it. I'll admit you catch me yelling, 'Konstantine!' at every concert I go to.

All long time fans, like me, love it when he plays it.

Ya..ok | Reviewer: TheNightWillCome
    ------ About the song I Want To Save You performed by Something Corporate

Girls stay with the same abusive, pig guys who they picked up by wearing a short skirt out in public, but then when the nice dorky quiet kids ask them out they turn them down. Hmmm. I just dont see the problem.

Watch the Sky Live | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Watch The Sky performed by Something Corporate

He played this song live on his tour with The Fray back in June, it was so amazing. This is my favorite song ever. That night was the best night ever, and I still can't believe he played Watch the Sky! =)

it's not about death... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Konstantine performed by Something Corporate

it's about cheating//love, Hence "and you're restless, and I'm naked, you gotta get out, you cant stand to see me shaking" This song is absoulutely amazing live...saw SoCo in 2004 in MN. Met andrew. he is an amazing guy ... wish SoCo would make another cd but know that it probably wont happen, would love to see em live again

lovely. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Konstantine performed by Something Corporate

this song is an exploration into the dark, addictive, and beautiful sides of passion. why it was written is irrelevant; it is only for the lead singer himself to know and understand. however, the themes it carries and the emotions it elicts without the listener even knowing why, really, is what makes it a masterpiece.

me too. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Want To Save You performed by Something Corporate

this song kills me. i'm with someone who doesnt make me feel like i'm worth his time. this is our third attempt at a relationship and apparently i'm weak enough to take him back. i want to feel wanted and needed and special... not just company and a body he happened to miss while we were apart.

beautiful song... just hits a little too close to home.

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