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Michael Jackson Someone Put Your Hand Out Lyrics

Last updated: 03/04/2014 01:11:37 PM

Never try to talk about it
It's got to sound good to me inside
I just think about it

I'm so undemanding
'Cause they say love is blind
I've lived this life pretending
I can bear this hurt deep inside

The truth is that I'm longing
For love that's so divine
I've searched this whole world wishing
She'll be there time after time

So someone put your hand out
I'm begging for your love
All I do is hand out
a heart that needs your love

I've lived my life the lonely
A soul that cries of shame
With handicapped emotions
Save me now from what still remains

I'll be your story hero
I'll seranade in rhyme
I'm just needing that someone
Save me now from the path I'm on...

Someone put your hand out
I'm begging for your love
'Cause all I do is hand out
a heart that needs your love
Someone put your hand out
I'm begging for your love
All I do is hand out
a heart that needs your love

When you say we will dance 'til the light of day
It's just like the children in earth's joy
When we pray will you promise me you'll always stay
It's because I'm needing that someone

(trumpet segment)

Someone put your hand out
I'm begging for your love
'Cause all I do is hand out
a heart that needs your love
Someone put your hand out
I'm begging for your love
All I do is hand out
Someone put your hand out
I'm begging for your love
All I do is hand out

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Most Beautiful Song Ever | Reviewer: Sydney | 3/3/14

OMG, this song is so beautiful. Whenever I hear this song I just wanna cry and wish that Michael was still here. I would have my hand out for him whenever he needed it. He is such a big idol to me. He has inspired me to be myself and accept me for who I am. I love you Michael and my hand is always out for you. <3

Beautiful Song | Reviewer: Janet | 12/29/13


just cat stop loving the song and mj....... | Reviewer: mjfan4ever | 4/19/13

This song is just incredible i dont know what it was the music or mjs voice but it healed my headache love u mj more than anything else in the world you were an angel in disguise really sent by god to spread love changing music,dance,fashion and our lives forever i cant imagine my world without you mj you made me smile even in the hardest and worst times of my life i dont need to fake a smile to look happy all i have to do is think about you and the smile then is genuine love u mj return if possible..........

An inspiration music | Reviewer: Michael benson | 8/11/11

Michael jackson always come with a emotional song. It was sad when i had dat the king of pop is no more, but i believe in my heart dat he lives forever. Michael was a great gift to this worl. I miss u so much michael. Am sorry for not having a true love in life, but i hope u find it in heaven. U will always remains in my heart. Rest in peace

There's no better voice | Reviewer: shiva | 5/29/11

Michael I really miss you I really love you. it's so beautiful song, wonderful lyric.MJ's voice is full of emotions and love. No one can sing b etter than him never ever. This song shows how he was lonely
I hope now he find the perfect love in the sky
I love you michael forever forever

Perfection! His Voice was like silk! | Reviewer: Suzann Trout | 3/25/11

If only radio stations would be adventurous and play more of the songs from the Ultimate Collection CD and Invincible. When I got this collection and heard some of the songs on it for the first time, I just was blown completely away. His voice was so beautiful and velvety. He sang with so much emotion and feeling. He was an incredibly gifted genius in everything he undertook. The reviews here are so sweet, but the above review by Lee, posted last February 17 touched my heart. God bless you. God bless Michael. He's been reunited with his beloved "soul mate", Elizabeth Taylor. You will live in our hearts forever!

sweet and lovely | Reviewer: luv2luvmike | 11/15/10

Another great song by Michael Jackson. It's beautiful and yet a little sad. since Michael left us I have read a lot of negative things about him,( which I chose not to believe ) and some of the problems he had. And one of his Problems was that he was lonely, Wirh all the money and fame that he had, he didn't find the love he wanted, And so the lyrics to the song sounds like Michael is telling you a little about his life. I miss him so much. Maybe now he can get the peace he so desperately needed. I love you Michael. " THE KING OF POP " always.

Michael i... i just can't stop loving you. | Reviewer: mishti | 11/1/10

This song is extremely touching and heartbreaking as well.When u read the lyric,the meaning gets more lightened up as u can simultaneously sing the song.This song shows the hurt,pain and his need of having someone.I cried after listing to this song.Michael's songs are very meaningful.I really love u michael even as King of pop,as a singer,as a dancer BUT I LOVE U THE MOST FOR WHO YOU ARE.
Michael i hope that now u r on a better side,with the God,where no power can hurt ur soft massive heart fille completely with L.O.V.E
Rest in peace Michael jackson.Will always love u.

R.I.P. Michael J. Jackson ♥ | Reviewer: Shari | 9/26/10

I own the "Michael Jackson, The Ultimate Collection" and I listen to it everyday & one day I was listening to the third CD which is my favorite. I saw this song was on there & I have never really heard of it, so I listened to it & I thought it was very beautiful. Like all of MJ's songs, there was something that was really speacial & it touched my heart. Once you read the lyrics it makes you feel even more broken-hearted. I feel really bad that MJ never could really find that girl that loved him for who he really was. & Now that he has passed away, listening to these songs just break my heart. But I must say that I feel better knowing that he is now with his Creator in Heaven (: R.I.P. Michael J. Jackson. We Love You and Miss You With ALL OF OUR HEARTS.♥

I LOVE THIS SONG!!! | Reviewer: Cherie | 9/2/10

This song is so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes. It just goes to show that Michael Jackson will always be the greatest entertainer that lived. Rest in peace Michael you are truly missed with so much love from all of your fans across the world.

Happy 52nd Birthday Michael :) | Reviewer: Kelsey | 8/28/10

I love this song so much but I get so sad when I listen to it :( It's such a good song but like a bunch of his "fans" have never heard of it :/ and to all the people that get made fun of for liking MJ I know how all of you feel don't let it get to you the haters are the ones missing out on MJ's awesomeness so screw them they are just jealous of how amazing he is... <3

for his kids | Reviewer: erin | 7/8/10

i love you so much every im one youtube i can not be able to not hear michael jackson and paris pince amd blanket ik your readin this i never erver let any body talk about your daddy not even my own family

I Love You Michael | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/10

Listening to this song brings tears to my eyes. Why couldn't Michael, a man so full of love and compassion ever find true love for himself? There was so much love from his fans, but he wanted and needed that one person to love him unconditionally. It's just so tragic to me that this beautiful soul lived his life so lonely. I love you Michael and thank you, that in-spite of your pain, you continued to create music that will live for eternity. I love you, your fan for life.

MICHAEL JACKSON IS THE BEST | Reviewer: Lee | 2/22/10

At Lauren 10/17/09 people make fun of me too they just don't realize that i feel so upset inside and when i hear people make fun of Michael it just makes me so angry inside and it makes me want to punch them put i know if Michael was alive now i know he wold not like that so i don't hit anyone. i just close my eyes and think of my favorite song: "you rock my world" R.I.P GOD OF POP!!!!

Sweet and Sincere | Reviewer: nagla | 2/17/10

I LOVE Michael Jackson. He expressed himself so plainly and so beautifully, you can see right inside his soul, the purest of all. Michael had the love of his fans surrounding him all the time, but like any human being he needed someone in his life, by his side, giving him unconditional love and stick by his side.