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Salt N Pepa Solo Power (Syncopated Soul) Lyrics

Last updated: 03/20/2000 10:33:58 PM

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As I was way in the back I noticed that

Salt was rockin' the hell out of some of you cats

Then I decided to slow down the tempo

To let you catch your breath so

Just wait for the drumroll then you can feel the flow of

Syncopated soul power

Got to have syncopated soul power

All you need is syncopated soul power

Yeah, gimme some soul power

Everybody needs soul power

I'm the Pepa, much deffer

Half-stepper? No, I'm never

World renowned as a vocalist

When Salt is not around I'm a soloist

Puttin' pep in your step seriously

Conquest is the best lyrically

The mic is a component I use on my opponents

Only to flaunt it, it just sound good, don't it?

Rhyme power, organic as a sunflower

And full of soul power

All I got is sycopated soul power

All you need is sycopated soul power

Cold kickin' soul power

Steady kickin' soul power

Now raise your hands and keep 'em there for a minute

I'm gonna tell you what to do with it

Wave it like a flag, dirty rag

Keep 'em there till they get jet lag

Pepa's on the mic, and the mic is on

If Salt's at my side, nothing can go wrong

Meet the mix empress, Spinderella, head on

And that, my friend, is the meaning of a rap song

Keep your shirt on, don't lose the buddies

If I ain't done rappin' yo, Spin, keep cuttin'

Ain't nothin' gonna stop us now

We on a roll with syncopated soul power

Got to have syncopated soul power

All you need is syncopated soul power

Soul power, soul power

Soul power, soul power...

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