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Gavin DeGraw Soldier Lyrics

Last updated: 04/15/2012 12:00:00 PM

Where did all the people go?
They all got scared when the lights went low.
I'll get you through it nice and slow
When the world's spinning out of control?

Afraid of what they might lose.
Might get scraped or they might get bruised
You could beg them what's the use.
That's why it's called the moment of truth.

I'll get it if you need it
I'll search if you don't see it
You're thirsty I'll be rain
You get hurt I'll take your pain

I know you don't believe it
But I said it and I still mean it
When you heard what I told you
When you get worried I'll be your soldier

2nd verse:
Funny when times get hard
At the last moment when you're supposed to charge
Always on the longest yard.
Oh, they feel their feet getting cold

Hiding here, hiding there
Find them underneath the stairs
People hiding everywhere
Trying to be still as a stone


My aim is so true, I wanna show you
I'll try forever
I'm never gonna say surrender


I'll be your soldier

Well I'll be, oh I'll be your soldier

I'll be your soldier
Released : September 6, 2011 (promotional single)
Format : Digital download
Genre : Pop rock, blue-eyed soul
Label : RCA
Recorded : 2011
Writer : Gavin DeGraw
Producer : Butch Walker
Length : 3:31

"Soldier" is a song by American recording artist Gavin DeGraw, taken from his fourth studio album Sweeter. It was released into the iTunes Store on September 6, 2011 as a promotional single. The song was written by DeGraw and produced by Butch Walker. The song finds DeGraw promising his girl everlasting love, and when she needs someone he'll always be there fighting for her. The song has charted inside the top-forty on the Dutch chart. DeGraw appeared on the last episode of One Tree Hill and perfomed the track. From Wikipedia