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Eminem Soldier Lyrics

Last updated: 10/15/2013 07:31:34 AM

I'm a soldier, i'm a soldier, i'm a soldier, i'm a soldier...

Yo', never was a thug, just infatuated with guns,
never was a gangsta, 'til I graduated to one,
and got the rep of a villain, for weapon concealin',
took the image of a thug, kept shit appealin',
willin' to stick out my neck, for respect if it meant life or death,
never live to regret what I said,
when you're me, people just want to see,
if it's true, if it's you, what you say in your rap's, what you do,
so they feel, as part of your obligation to fulfill,
when they see you on the streets, face to face, are you for real,
in confrontation ain't no conversation, if you feel you're in violation,
any hesitation'll get you killed, if you feel it, kill it,
if you conceal it, reveal it, being reasonable will leave you full of bullets,
pull it, squeeze it, till it's empty, tempt me, push me, pussies,
I need a good reason to give this trigger a good squeeze...

I'm a soldier, these shoulder's hold up so much, they won't budge,
i'll never fall or fold up,
i'm a soldier,
even if my collar bone's crush or crumble,
I will never slip or stumble,
i'm a soldier,
these shoulder's hold up so much, they won't budge,
i'll never fall or fold up,
i'm a soldier,
even if my collar bone's crush or crumble,
I will never stumble...

I love pissin' you off, it get's me off,
like my lawyer's, when the fuckin' judge let's me off,
all you motherfuckers gotta do is set me off,
i'll violate and all the motherfuckin' bet's be off,
i'm a lit fuse, anything I do bitche, it's news,
pistol whippin' motherfuckin' bouncers, six-two,
who needs bullets, soon as I pull it, you sweat bullets,
an excellent method to get rid of the next bully,
it's actually better cause instead you murderin',
you can hurt em' and come back again and kick dirt at 'em,
it's like pourin' salt in the wounds, assault and get sued,
you can smell the lawsuits soon as I waltz in the room,
everybody halts and stops, calls the cops,
all you see is bitches comin' out their halter tops,
runnin' and duckin' out the Hard Rocks parking lot,
you'll all get shot whether its your fault or not, cause...


I spit it slow so these kids know that i'm talkin' to 'em,
give it back to these damn critics and sock it to em,
i'm like a thug, with a little bit of Pac influence,
I spew it, and look how I got you bitches rockin' to it,
you motherfuckers could never do it like I could do it,
don't even try it, you'll look stupid, do not pursue it,
don't ever in your life, try to knock the truest,
I spit the illest shit, ever been dropped to two inch,
so ticky-tock listen as the sound ticks on the clock,
listen to the sound of Kim as she licks on a cock,
listen to the sound of me spillin' my heart through this pen,
motherfuckers know that i'll never be Marshall again,
full of controversy until I retire my jersey,
'til the fire inside dies and expires at thirty, and
Lord have mercy on any more of these rappers that verse me,
and put a curse on authorities in the face of adversity, i'm a...


Yo' left, yo' left, yo' left,
right, left,
yo' left, yo' left, yo' left,
right, left,
yo' left, yo' left, yo' left,
right, left,
yo' left, yo' left, yo' left,
right, left...

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Best rapper ever | Reviewer: Tuff Roll k | 10/15/13

Emi yu hav got a big name in the hip hop fratenity. U real know how to choose and use words and ths separate yu from young boys. The eminem show was one of ur albums i liked most.

The truth and nothin BUT the truth | Reviewer: lickettyspit | 6/9/13

Why are there no negative comments here...oh, that's right, cuz it's eminem thaz why-what bullshit u wanna try to drop about the best-he lays em flat and slays em phat and the others just stand by and helplessly watch-Em has earned the right to be KING

Best stunning artist i'd never heard in my entiry life | Reviewer: Lil-zekes | 4/21/13

I love yo wordplay and multies along with matophor dawg u are the best ever great song,great lyrics,ace voice,dawg u are very talented keep on doin yo ace work as i'm south african i'll follows yo pattern and walk along to the same routine

his faithfully | Reviewer: marshall mathers the fourth | 6/8/12

i fucking love him annd do fucking anything 4 him. he is pretty much a perfect father figure for me, we share alot of da same personality... fucking wow. i can not believe such a person like him actually exists.. (how do u spell dat?) and i am hungarian too!! one of his best songs...

soldier for life | Reviewer: overdose | 5/14/11

My very favorite part is at the very end when they say "Yo' left, yo' left, yo' left, right, left.(X4)" and the kids say "don't every let go"

I just love this song... it can really apply to their life!!

brilliant. | Reviewer: anna.b | 7/28/10

He's a lyrical genius. All of his lyrics are satirical and humourous, which is the way he wanted them to be percieved. He'll always be influential on the future.
From Infinity to Recovery, it's all amazing.

Greatest lyricist | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/10

All d guys who've been posting comments on this tight song have gravely failed to comment on its lyrical quality.Em must be a genius on wordplay,I mean d way he articulates words is one thing rappers have not been able to and will never be able to do.Em u d beeeest!xcapee02

Eminem the Greatest | Reviewer: | 11/4/09 you're the greatest rapper ever in've gotten me through so much from life to love and i thank you for everything you've done...your songs fit so well and apply so well to my life that i never thought anyone could understand..Keep up the excellent work..My FAVORITE RAPPER

.... | Reviewer: aaron heath | 3/29/09

Your the best eminem and you and your songs keep
me from falling on my knees.your song bully helped
me alot at school and I just decided to beat the shit out of jason/an asshole/. keep raping till your voice goes out.

Your biggest fan
aaron a. heath

marty | Reviewer: marty | 10/14/08

eminem i love you ı'm yo admire ilove yo a lot of songs some of them without me ass like that cleanin out my closet the way i am lose yourself superman whitte america soldier how come mosh my band and a lot of but the best of yo songs without me keep singing eminem you are the best rapper

Em, | Reviewer: Hailie | 9/1/08

Em,i love you very much
you and your songs are,
what kept me alive
through all the shit i was put through
thats why i love you to death
im gettin a tatto of him ,
on my ankle or something,
I Love You So Fucking Much,Marshall(Em:])

Hailie Danbi

Em keepin it real | Reviewer: Young1 | 3/12/08

This has to be one his best songs. I've recently come to understand his whole musical statement. It's like "society created me, and now it has to deal with me". And I like the way he doesn't take himself (or anything for that matter) too seriously. That's the way to achieve happiness in this life. Although I heard he's been depressed recently, I hope he has the strength to overcome it, so he can keep making quality music.

my hero eminem | Reviewer: charlie | 1/3/08

man eminem is my world..i would of never got this far if it wasnt for him..his music made me made me relize that im who i want to be..i can do what i want to do with my life..hes my hero and he allways will be it wil never whole life is eminem..thanks man you made me stronger then i ever thoght i would be!!

one of the best songs | Reviewer: Adrián | 11/2/07

Excuse me...Are you americans, or englishes? Because I'm hungarian, and my favourite rapper,artist is Eminem.I think the Eminem Show is the best album of the world.<- The songs are very good, I love them. And the Soldier is a very cool soundtrack! Wow, the feeling is fantastic, and in The Eminem Show too. EMINEM the best...,Eminem is a professional. And thanks Your ideas, it's very important and useful for me. And I feel same what You.

Real Shit | Reviewer: Soldier"79 | 10/13/07

Finally there is some real hiphop in the music scene, this song is so true i feel almost the same as he does..Favorite song fo rest of my life