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Zakk Wylde & Black Label Society Sold My Soul Lyrics

Last updated: 01/24/2014 09:36:05 PM

Without you woman by my side
I'm contemplating suicide torn from all my pride
A man tells me, son that ain't the way
Gonna make a deal with you child
Gonna live another day
Just sign right here son
Everything will be alright

Ain't nothing I wouldn't do
All & everything for you
Your love is all I know and ever knew
Therefore I have sold my soul for you

I was told by this man it would be worth my while
He'd return me to my woman
Return me to my smile ----
It's all I ask for in this life
Whatever's wrong son he told me he'd make right

Just sign right here child
Everything will be alright


All for you


Just sign right here son
Everything will be alright



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Awesome | Reviewer: Ishgrath | 1/24/14

Can't people just understand? This is only a song, an awesome one at it also! And so what if he sold his soul? If u say lost your child, a loved one? Friend, doesn't matter slice my hand and give me the damn contract, and show me where to sign!

yes he sold his soul | Reviewer: Tara Martin | 10/1/13

He sold his soul to be with the woman he loved. Its beautiful. And saying anything otherwise or turning it into something negative is just plain stupid. Love this song and the lyrics.

I sold my soul to satan already | Reviewer: Junior | 9/27/13

The song is a fantastic song. Sure he sold his soul to satan to get what he wanted but sit and think like others would. If you was in the spot of having what you lost in return then most of us humans would sign and not care. I have been there in this song my self and yes if I was offered my soul for what I lost I sure would sign.

The real meaning | Reviewer: Nama | 8/24/11

Nobody notices? he sold his soul to the devil and signed his name in blood... the song says it.. to get what he wants in return. In the end that bargaining shit bites everyone in the ass i wish everyone could understand that!

black label society: in this river. | Reviewer: nadia | 4/12/08

title himself is dark emotional it describes the sadness and the grief: a friend's loss.
one hearing it thinks some about those that us one to let and that one likes. very beautiful speech its magnificent to hear.