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Maturity and experience can do wonders for a band. When
these young Swedes released their debut album Steelbath
Suicide in 1998, the immediacy and intensity of the music
brought the band instant recognition from the European
press. The album earned them praise and adoration as well
as inevitable comparisons to established bands like Arch
Enemy, In Flames and Dark Tranquillity. Recording at the
now nearly infamous Studio Fredman didn抰 help curb
comparisons. The months following the debut release saw
Soilwork face a series of lineup More...

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Review about Soilwork songs
Fools. | Reviewer: John Steel
    ------ About the song Stabbing The Drama performed by Soilwork

Nothing is "more metal" than another thing in the metal genre. You seriously don't realize the fallacies you're speaking?
That's the same as going to a friend's house, seeing his cat and saying "MY CAT IS MORE CAT THAN YOUR CAT!". How do you people even take these things seriously? Some like Metallica others like this. Either way, advising people to listen to "good metal" is only doing worse. If anything, advise in the same genre dammit. About time these taste wars end, it's almost as irrational as racism.

Best | Reviewer: bill
    ------ About the song Wherever Thorns May Grow performed by Soilwork

By far the best song off of stabbing the drama and their greatest work yet! I can listen to it over and over and it will always have the profoundness of when I first listened to it.

amazing | Reviewer: vendettaprayer
    ------ About the song Stabbing The Drama performed by Soilwork

It has been a while since this song has been released and it is still one of the most amazing songs by the band. This band is fantastic. I won't go comparing genres either, because you can't. Every genre is different. Some genres are better than others and that is still based off of personal opinion. Calling different groups of people or music fags because they differ from your personal preferences really showcases your intelligence. Words like that make plenty of people want to disregard your narrow-minded, hate fueled comment. Learn to appreciate different things in life.

fags | Reviewer: matt
    ------ About the song Stabbing The Drama performed by Soilwork

whoever thinks soilwork is more metal than metallica is a fucking stroke. metallica has done everything picture perfect. soilwork has a few good songs. metallica has been doing it since the early 80's. wow. i love how people hate on metallica because they were thrash then changed there tune. personally pantera is the best metal band ever formed. didn't give a fuck about trends they were there own trend fuck trends in music man. if it sounds good listen to it. to say you only like a certain kind of metal your a fag.

Review | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Crestfallen performed by Soilwork

Yeah, this is death metal, melodic deathmetal to be correct. Just because you hear "death" doesn't mean anything bad xD's a masterpiece indeed. There's no way you can dig much deeper,
If you think it's alright.
Assorting the right from the wrong ones,
That you have learned so well.

CRESTFALLEN BE THY NAME | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Crestfallen performed by Soilwork

Deffinatly my favourite song my Soilwork, and possibly my favourite song of all time. In fact, I can't stop listening to Stabbing The Drama, it's a brilliant album and a must buy for any rock and metal fan.

Btw, people are saying "this isn't death metal" but Soilwork are 'Melodic Death Metal'; which is a sub-genre which started becoming more popular in the 90's. I know people are thinking it's not death metal, and it's not, it's melodic death metal which is a completely different genre and shouldn't be something to be all worrying about.

Anyway, it doesn't matter what this is classed as, this song is pure briliance and soilwork rule!

A Great Reflection | Reviewer: Voriki
    ------ About the song Rejection Role performed by Soilwork

I really like this song. Got to it by the song Trigger by In Flames. Although the videos were made jokingly and happen to mirror eachother, the songs themselves also intertwine so well that each of the band's unique styles comes into play while they sing similar songs. :)

gets me in a trance state to hell! | Reviewer: Esha
    ------ About the song Distance performed by Soilwork

this is probably the best song i've heard till date. beautifully done! gives me goosebumps. melody just makes me feel like i'm a mosh, every single beat makes me headbang like crazy! just can't get it out of my head!

If only... | Reviewer: Kazraïv Ledlantrion
    ------ About the song Stabbing The Drama performed by Soilwork

.. everyone believed in the principals, that are shown in the lyrics...

... then I wouldn't have to write about this, in which case the world would suck, because it isn't as it is now.

People, come to peace with the fact, that you-can-not-change every-damn-thing in the entire world, face it! of course you can try.. bur why waste time, doing something that is proven impossible?
keep yourself busy to keep your mind from killing itself. Or as Slartibartfast said it: "I'd rather be happy than right any day." I always add a "get the hell back to work", to help others get over it.

Life sucks, so what? I'm enjoying it!

Soilworks finest work to date | Reviewer: Nicklas Hansen
    ------ About the song Distance performed by Soilwork

I Think it's the best song they made, because of the beautiful combination of screaming and low tone singing. Not to mention the amazing solo, that is perfectly fitted in between the heavy guitar play...

Oh, yeah... nearly forgot to mention the lyrics, they fit perfectly with the tone of Björn's voice.

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