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The phoenix he helped create,
Out of control boy without a dad,
Shot the gun that startled my life,
While I drove him with a forty five.

Friends for years images in red,
Blew off his own motherfucking head,
Confidence, death, insecurity,
Men fall unrealized,
Unrealized, unrealized.

Making a decision of death,
While everyone around you pled,
Now you fly in peace,
I hope, my friend,
A man can't avoid what he's meant to do,
When he's meant to do it,
Even if he doesn't really want to,
My memories are of fun and friendship,
Of weakness within the strength of youth,
For reasons undefined, reasons undefined,
Reasons undefined, reasons undefined.

Friends for years images in red,
Blew off his own motherfucking head,
Confidence, death, insecurity,
Men fall unrealized,

Don't you realize,
Evil, lives in the motherfucking skin,
Don't you realize,
that-Evil, lives in the motherfucking skin,

Don't you, realize,that, evil,
Lives in the motherfucking skin,
Don't you, realize, that, evil,
Lives in the skin.


Don't you, realize, evil,
Lives in the motherfucking skin,
Don't you, realize , that evil,
Lives in the motherfucking skin.

Why the fuck did you take him away from us you motherfucker?

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Skin deep evil | Reviewer: Jenny | 11/22/11


I betcha "Evil lives in the motherfucking skin" refers to evil being skin deep. Evil as in pain, suffering, what we label negative emotions.

Poor man didn't realize there's so much beauty in all of us once you dig a little deeper, and decided to end his life.

SOAD lyrics are often quite deep, despite what one might think when first hearing their music. Just listen to Aerials, that one's amazing. Go meditate and you'll recognize it.

Wow | Reviewer: MSunter | 1/18/11

It's dumbasses like that guy who called this song racist that make America the shithole that it is today. Anybody with any basic level of logic or common sense will figure out what this song is about. It's the idiots that call this song racist, that re-elect retards like Bush.

I completely agree... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/10

I totally agree with Fetti... The American government is retarded in most aspects, especially when it comes to foreign policy... but dont hold anything against the people, thats just stereotyping which negates the entire previous arguement about racism. And yes I am an American though not always proud to say it

Nobody will believe this so I dunno why I bother explaining. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/5/10

Evil lives in the skin refers to ancient philosophy, something the band sings a lot about. Believe me or not it is a reference to ones ID which according to ancient philosophy was engraved into all of our subconscious when we were genetically altered by aliens. They believe that he cannot avoid his fate of killing himself because he sided more internally with this evil side of genetics.

@MCCloskey | Reviewer: Andre | 6/23/10

You, sir, are ignorant or stupid. I'll give you benefit of the doubt here. Pay close attention, however, and you'll realize that only two parties are mention in this song. A friend and Serj himself (or Serj singing as a third party). I highly doubt that Serj would be calling his friend evil because of his sking color. What is actually being sung about is suicide and the effect it had on himself (Serj or third-person Serj).

Please do not spread ignorant sh*t around the internet just because you cannot understand what a VERY political and meaning driven band sings about.

Don't think it's racist | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/29/10

I think the line "evil lives in the skin" is meant to accent how close we all are to our most primal instincts...I believe also this song is about suicide and the neglectful attitude of many people towards depressed youths...definetly not a racist song...System is for the people...and against the facists....keep fighting the good fight SOAD!!!!!

Haha! Rascist?! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/09

You gotta be fucking kidding me, right? "Nazi pigs", according to this song? This song is about a friend that killed himself because of the "evil", possibly being guilt,that lived in his "skin", which would be inside of him. No rascism in SOAD pal, keep 'er moving.

Evil lives in you motherfucken skin | Reviewer: MEMO | 8/13/09

thers evil living inside all of our skins ... he fought the evil(demons) living in his skin but he lost (killed himself)the evil took him away..and when he says: why the fuck did you take him from us you motherfuker, hes talking about the devil

Blaaaah | Reviewer: Shakky | 6/8/09

People will always have their own views, ideas, connotations of this specific song. But if we can't share our interpetations in a civilised manner, it's better keeping your thoughts to yourself. But the guitar riffs and lyrics on this song is bloody awesome!!! I heart SOAD!

ahh you fuckin bloody german skin 'eds | Reviewer: james face | 12/18/08

haha racist oO i love you, good on you for pokin fun at ur own race. i sure could make a few points about us 'aussies' and our racially discriminative traits...

anyway, soad are not racists. far fucking from it.

serj - armenian, family refugee from the motherfucking genocide there a while ago. its ridiculous to think hed be anything but a racial activist.
how ever, i cannot explain why in a song about suicide they would put a racial parody (parody, as in what some people beleive and how ridiculous it is), but there you go, just goes to show how many issues SOAD are prepared to tackle in the one song.

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