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Tegan & Sara Soil, Soil Lyrics

Last updated: 08/06/2012 12:45:54 PM

Oh and I'm feeling
Directionless yes
But that's to be expected
And I know that best
And in creeps the morning
And another day's lost
You've just written wondering
And I reply fast
All you need to save me
All you need to save me
Call (call)
And I'll be curled on the floor
Hiding out from it all (all)
And I won't take any other call
I feel like a fool
So I'm going to stop troubling you
Buried in my yard
A letter to send to you
And if I forget
Or god forbid die too soon
Hope that you'll hear me
Know that I wrote to you
All you need to say to me
All you need to say to me
Is call (call)
And I'll be curled on the floor
Hiding out from it all
And I won't take any other call

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Riveting, Beautiful, A Tad Too Short... | Reviewer: @JustRayna | 8/6/12

I absolutely love this song and loved it from the first moment I heard it in the background while watching "The Con". My only wish is that they had added another verse just to give the song a little more length (as it is, I always feel obligated to play the song twice in a row just to get a complete grasp of its emotion.) Otherwise, a lovely and beautiful melody.

tegan and sara | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/09

ive been a huge tegan and sara fan for like ever, and today was the first day ive ever heard this beautiful song. i guess im not a true fan (but i do have tegan's studio project shoes. haha) but this song is very honest. i love it.

mm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/27/09

all of tegan and sara's songs just feel right. like they know what they're talking about. so full of emotion. this song in particular for me right now. i feel like i should give up because i'm not getting anything in return but i just can't. but all i can do is fake a smile and hope that one day things change.

soil, soil | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/9/08

this is such a good, relatable song. i'm sure everyone's felt like this at least once in their lives. you just feel like you should stop trying and everything.
i watched "the con" the other day and they talked about this song. it was so cute.

This reflects me at the moment | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/20/07

This is the perfect song for a maessage i need to send out to someone right at this moment in my life. Lexy x