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Bare Jr. Soggy Daisy Lyrics

Last updated: 12/13/2009 11:00:00 AM

at a nursing home called the soggy daisy
seven lonely people all died in one day
seven people throwed away and forgotton
seven people with a lifetime of wisdom for the offering
there were some people
who had loved and lived
may have done things that they wished they never did
some might've lied and got bored inside
may've been gay and dressed up like a bride
a great seducer a horrible singer an unknown psycho killer
a devout christian on a mission that he or she lost faith in
a hopeless romantic a survivor of the titanic
a small person that wished they were gigantic
a loud person always thought too much of themself
shy person that never knew they were better than everybody else
an artist that knew he was a sham
a lawyer always found a new way to scam
a cringy cold accountant never made a mistake
a macho man who's heart never felt enough to break
a mother that loved too much
a brother that teased as much
a sister that spied and cried too much
a dancer that survived cancer
only to die from a chicken with salmonella
(this is why i was looking it up in the first place)
a butcher a baker a sneaky instigator
a libra saggitareous a person who could care less
a hairbleacher a preacher a kindergarten teacher
a stoner a loner a passionate moaner
A butcher a baker a constant masturbater
a wife beater an over eater
a constant reminder of the wealth of treasures inside the souls of our elders who's been sentenced to die alone and before ya turn away from this page remember we'll all be there someday pickle pay deedle day happy way jim and joe ricky boe deedle doe i love you the most
Thanks to mike Spillman from Nashville for submitting Soggy Daisy Lyrics.