Socratic Albums

  • Spread The Rumors Album (5/6/2008)
    Boy In A Magazine
    I Haven't Seen You In Years
    May I Bum A Smoke
    Janis Joplin Hands
    Long Distance Calls
    Constant Apology
    Relevant Elephant
    Spread The Rumors
    Don't Say
    This Opinion Of Mine
    A Diamond In A World Of Coal
    Another Headache

  • Just Turn Album (12/5/2006)
    Blend In
    The Spanish Singer
    I Haven't Seen You In Years
    Storms Over Parades

  • Lunch For The Sky Album (9/6/2005)
    Theme From Your Mother's Garden
    Alexandria As Our Lens
    Tear A Gash
    I Don't Wear A Coat
    The Dense Indents
    She's The Type Of Girl
    I Am The Doctor
    Too Late, Too Soon
    U And Left Turns
    Lunch For The Sky
    We Burn Houses
    Spots I've Been And Go
    B To E
    Spending Galore

  • It's Getting Late Album (4/1/2002)
    Sleepless Nights
    Break Out the Violins
    Dead For Days

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