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The Wow So Lyrics

Last updated: 01/03/2013 05:52:42 AM

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(Verse 1)
Look, niggas talk audemars but they got G shot
Don't know why they know 'em but they say they got the streets locked
Bitch nigga we hot everything that we not
Is everything that you are , pussy hoowaa
Heard, understood and acknowledged homie
I ain't go to college but I'm the smartest nigga you ever met
Behind me is probably the furthest you'll ever get
'Cause I'ma be nr. 1 my nigga you wanna bet?
And in ya
All you bitch niggas pull your panties up
Game cold like I'm playing for the Stanley cup
I beat the track up till I had enough
This is for all my other rappers that be acting tough

Look , (well I don't give a shit so)
It's how I feel about it (well I don't give a shit so)
That's how I feel about it (well I don't give a shit so)
It's really how I feel about it (well I don't give a shit so)

(Verse 2)
Slap rap cast I act wack
I kill a morphie they body bagging a hatch back
My flow sick ain't nobody able to match that
Since I was in the chasing after bitches in backpacks
Now that's fact!
I'm talking grace school nigga
Couldn't kill me off if it was paid too nigga
Try to battle me and I will fade you nigga
Heard you rappers is my sons like I made you niggas
It's legendary KO you don't wanna with the kid used to lay low
I'm the shit like I'm living in the a-hole
That's why them aimless put me on the payroll
I say that just to say this
Because a nigga running out of patience
If I'm one of the favorite of your favorites
You need to put a nigga on your playlist

But if you don't , (well I don't give a shit so)
Really (well I don't give a shit so)
(well I don't give a shit so)
(well I don't give a shit so)

Man we make this look too easy
Y'all should be paying attention
But if you not I don't give a shit so
'Cause I do this
(well I don't give a shit so)

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