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How does it feel to know you're everything I need
The butterflies in my stomach
They could bring me to my knees
How does it feel to know you're everything I want
I've got a hard time saying this
So I'll sing it in a song

Oh I adore the way you carry yourself
With the grace of a thousand angels overhead
I love the way the galaxy starts to melt
When we become one
When we become one
When we become one
When we become one

How does it feel
How does it feel when we get locked into a stare?
Please don't come looking for me
When I get lost in the mess of your hair
How do you feel when everything you've known
Gets thrown aside
Never fear, my dear, 'cause we have nothing left to hide

Oh I adore the way you carry yourself
With the grace of a thousand angels overhead
I love the way the galaxy starts to melt

Hold on to me girl
If you feel your grip getting loose
Just know that I'm right next to you
Hold on to me girl
If you feel your grip getting loose
Just know that I won't let you down

Well, I'm ready
Well, I'm ready
I am ready
To run away with you
Are you ready?
Are you ready?
Are you ready?
To run away with me

Pack your things we can leave today
Pack your things we can leave today
Say our goodbyes and get on the train
Say goodbye
Just you and I in the sweet unknown
We can just call each other our home

If I had to choose a way to die
It'd be with you
In a goosebump infested embrace
With my overanxious hands cupping your face
In a goosebump infested embrace
With my overanxious hands cupping your cherub face

How does it feel?

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as i inew about other people in my own life | Reviewer: pavrun | 9/6/14

As I knew all about it and we have a lot more and it is a lot more fun about it and we have a lot if fun about it and it is so quick as I can save for it and we have a lot with it and we need to do it today and it is so funny all the time and tell you a lot of things for it so much and very quick

My love for u | Reviewer: Loredana | 4/28/12

I waint you to love me am your everying you can live with out me I am the only one for you .am your world your soul mate am your everyimg theres no one for me love me untill I loredana tell u to stop loveing me steve love me like there no way to belive

=\ | Reviewer: dezii | 6/5/09

My ex just sent me a text and told me to listen to this song. i hate how he likes me so much and i broke his heart and i feel awful. he keeps telling me ot listen to songs and its taring me u p inside. im sorry :( i said it 50 times, im sorry.

Coco | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/7/09

I love this song. My boyfriend and i deffinetly have been through some rough times, but no matter what, nothing can change how much we love each other. It explains the feelings of two people in love sooo well its hard to listen to this song if your lover isnt there beside u =). I LOVE THIS SONG!

wow<3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/24/08

me and my boyfriend have been together through everything...we went out for well over a year then we had a little break because things got confusing...but we never stopped loving each other and now we're back together for almost 2 years now<33 i really really love him, and i think hes the one for me. i sing this song to him every day and quote lyrics from this song all the time...i dont think any other lyrics could hit me better if they tried...i love the spill canvas!

love it. | Reviewer: Heather | 11/5/07

I lovethis song, I just gave it to my boyfriend. We have been together for over a year and things have been wonderful , the good and the bad. I honestly think we have the best relationship on Earth. He is my soul mate. I know everyone says young love won't last, well I just say there jealous because it took them so long to find it, if they have yet. We have been through everything together, first love, prom, graduation, moving out, he has helpped me through so much. I cant imagine my life with out him and this song sums up everything.

I adore this song. | Reviewer: katie | 9/30/07

this song is adorable, i have loved it forever. And cant wait to see the spill canvas live. Me and my boyfriend have been dating for two years and we just broke up and this and the spill canvas's other song 3685 reminds me of our relationship so much, I'm glad artist like pill canvas can have a song that relate to so many relationships, thanks spill canvas.

amazing. | Reviewer: you'd like to know | 9/26/07

this song is amazing, i love it, the spill canvas sucked live though, & didn't play this song.

Love is so much!! | Reviewer: Kacy King | 9/25/07

Okay so the girl of my dreams.. always sang this song to me, and i love her so much.. we live far away, so it has been so hard.. we went through everyone finding out we were gay, and together..we went through that together.. we've went through everything together.. we started dating when i was 15 and now im 17.. just i never thought i could find my "one" and i did... it is her. i dont know what to do though bc i recently left her bc i couldnt handle the distance right now and have alotta feelings for this other chick, but she says she doesnt like me anymore.. even though i know im meant to be with steph, i am afraid to go back and make that committment right now.. we are still best friends and im going to see her saturday.. what do i do though?

:] | Reviewer: Liiiiindsay | 8/31/07

I'm pretty sure anyone, anywhere can relate to these lyrics. I love this song so much. Amen to The Spill!

"Will you hold me; I'm scared." | Reviewer: Kabie | 8/20/07

My girlfriend and I just broke up because her mother found out she was dating a girl and wasn't happy and...well, yeah. It hurts so much. All I've done is cry and cry and sob.
She used to sing this song to me and I'm constantly listening to it. We still talk to each other (it's only been two days, of course we would), but it's just...not the same AT ALL. It hurts and this song makes me think so much of her.
I don't know really what I'm trying to say, but...don't ever give up on love.

So certain... | Reviewer: Mantis | 8/17/07

I lived the most amazing love. And I've lost it. And this song is so accurate and so deep and tender and a lot of things I've experienced in a period of my life... It's like the soundtrack of my best days... I love it! Beautiful song, man.

first dance | Reviewer: holly | 4/20/07

i'm getting married to the love of my life in february and this is our song for our wedding.


The Shit! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/18/06

this song is AMAZING it is my favourite song in thw world.!!! the lead singers voice is amazing and the lyrics to this song are awesome

wow | Reviewer: Amber | 8/30/06

I agree. This song has amazing lyrics (as does every Spill Canvas song). If you're in love, the lyrics hit home <3

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