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The Damned So Messed Up Lyrics

Last updated: 09/10/2001 12:36:30 AM

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one,two,three oh she's so

messed up,she won't even ball

well she's so messed up she has no fun at all

she's a sad case of hit and run

i think that i would rather fuck her mum

oh well her face is such a mess

the best thing she can do is die

oh well i'd save her the trouble

but i bet you'd still call it a crime

oh would you know

so messed up,well she's so messed up

yeah she's so messed up,so messed up

so messed up (9 times)

oh she's so messed up she don't feel the pain

oh she's so messed up she'll always feel the same

oh she's so messed up she don't feel the pain

i think ,no i ain't think,she ain' got no brain

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