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Merle Haggard So Long Train Whistle Lyrics

Last updated: 06/21/2012 11:00:00 AM

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Daddy's been a railroad man
Since he was twenty-one
Two yers of Britty ship
Beakmen on the Denver run.

Thirty he made fireman
Thirty-five an engineer
Now at sixty-five
He's reached the end of his career.

Daddy said he's glad it's over
But he ain't foolin' me
Last night I overheard him singing
This sad old melody.

So long train whistle
So long hmm-hmm
This near generation
Has no need for you or I.

We both served the nation
Long before it learned to fly
Nothing last forever
Now it's our turn to die.

Lord hear that whistle cry.

Daddy's not the only one
The railroad lines are fired
And New York Central Limited
Long since been retired.

The Chief is gone from Santa Fe
The SP Lark as well
I'm soon to rest to leave the rails
Lord only time you tell.

I know that you can't stop progress
New things happen every day
We gonna mourn that lonely whistle
If it finally fades away.

So long train whistle.
So long hmm-hmm
This near generation
Has no need for you or I.

Mhm mhm hear that whistle cry, mhm mhm...

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