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Dashboard Confessional So Long, So Long Lyrics

Last updated: 07/18/2010 11:00:00 AM

Hand out the window
Floatin' on air
Just a flip of the wrist
And I am wavin' you goodbye

Drive past the lifeguard stand
Where I sit around waiting for you to remember
As I drive

How the girls could turn to ghosts before your eyes
And the very dreams that led to them are keeping them from dying
And how the grace with which she walked into your life
Will stay with you in your steps,
And pace with you a while
So long, so long [x2]

The speaker in this door is blown
So nothing sounds quite right
Takin' my time, takin' this drive, wavin' this town goodbye,
And I drive this ocean road and remember
The small of your back
And the nape of your neck
I remember everything as I drive, wavin' this town goodbye

I remember

How the girls can turn to ghosts before your eyes
And the very dreams that led to them are keeping them from dying
And how the grace with which she walked into your life
Will stay with you in your steps,
Pace with you a while
So long, so long...

And I will leave under the cover
Of summer's kiss upon the sky
Like the stone face of your lover
Just before she says goodbye
I was certain that the season could be held between my arms
Well just as summer's hold is fleeting
I was here but now I'm gone...
I'm gone... I'm gone, I'm gone
I'm gone...

Thanks to William Hastings for submitting So Long, So Long Lyrics.

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AMAZING | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/10

Wow its amazing how one song can completely change your mood. When ever I hear this sng it brings tears to my ears, reminding me about how sayng goodbye hurts so much. I love Dashboard Confessional!!!!!!!!!

BEST power ballad i have ever heard | Reviewer: santi | 6/2/09

One of my favorite Dashboard songs ever. It's so relatable and it's got beautiful lyrics. It makes me think of how I know I'll feel when I move away from my crush this summer. I had it on repeat for two hours and i never got tired of it. I was thinking of him the whole time.

perfect song... | Reviewer: Lang | 12/22/08

great song, i always love DC...for i nearly cried.
reminds me to someone who had given me inspiration, given me hopes, let me fly to the blue sky-when finally i realized i was in love with him-he let me fall, and its hurt.and its just because im not t'chosen.for he married other girl.and that's hurt. just...dont be nice to me...if u had some others girls in ur life...that's just now so before, im invisible for u n a mystery for long :)

Not Just About 'Girls' | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/08

This song is great. I love how he opens the song up, you know? This song is about a girl to him, I think.. but he leaves it open for us to put in the name. It reminds me of everyone you get to know that just leaves. Its so perfect. I love them (:

how the grace | Reviewer: John Sherman | 10/15/07

wow, a master piece to me. its a audio recordered version of my life. idk if you all didnt realize, it's in a male perspective,therefore pertains to me a bit more, no? chris explains everything I'm going through and so much more. he really gives me an outlet to go to when things get tough, and I need some sort of inspiration to keep going. Thanks for such lovely words you write chris.

Summer Love | Reviewer: Lana | 8/30/07

I love this song. It reminds me of my vacations in New York where I met the perfect guy. I loved him and he loved me, but when summer was over I had to go back to my country. I miss him sooo much, and I live in France, so we're miles away. I'm gone, and all I want now is to live in New York.

omgahhh. | Reviewer: Samantha | 6/13/07

i absolutly love this song, the funniest way to sing it is to pull up the song on myspace and sing along by using these great lyrics!!
sing as though know one is watching. or just sing as though you are a super star and arent afrand to be heard.
i love you dashboard confessional!!

R.I.P :( | Reviewer: c-ville lovee<3 | 5/31/07

this is such a great song!! this past weekend 5 people from my school churchville chili were in a fatal car accident 2 of them got released 2 died and one is on lifee support with a 5% chance of living:( this song is on one of the kids tht died myspace it touches me everytime i hear it so this song is in rememberance of the wonderful kids tht they were.
R.I.P Asia and Katie we all lovee u soo much<3
Teddy stay strong u WILL get through this we r here for u
please pray for them and their family members and pray for teddy to get better thx <3

wow!!!!! | Reviewer: Fergie | 9/27/06

I love this song!!! is awesome!!! one of the best songs I ever listen!!

great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/8/04

awesome song, should be on the next LP.

which should be coming out in the spring.