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Jack's Broken Heart Snow Globy Tradgey Lyrics

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i can't stay, leaving to save myself
i wish i didn't feel this way,
so insignificant

i held on, held hope on you, but you didn't pull through
sad to say, but i can't save this world today!

washing my hands of this place
shoulders can't carry this weight. (just about to break)
take me away!

sickens me, no one can see themselves
i wish you knew the role you play
so insignificant
i let go, let go of you, you can't pull me down now.
sad to say, but i can't save this world today!
from the outside looking in,
turned my back until the end.
when wishful thinking was my only sin.
a hopeless, hopeful, i will never be again.
never ever again!
from the outside can the good things in this world
can't be within, take me away!
until the end!

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