Snoop Dogg Lyrics

No other rapper has been able to carve such a distinct
niche in hip hop's diverse and expansive history as Snoop
Dogg. His flow is like a Southern breeze on a lazy Sunday
afternoon - soothing in its feel, sturdy in its power.
We've all witnessed the curly-headed, lyrical phenomenon
from 21st Street in Long Beach evolve and fortify into a
grown man, now just as concerned with his business as he is
with his lyrics - his game as healthy and expanding as his
straightened head of hair.

The Doggfather is now bringing his collection of More...

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Review about Snoop Dogg songs
really? | Reviewer: jono
    ------ About the song Tommy Boy performed by Snoop Dogg

i all ways thought in dazs' second line he said "His parents died left him with GANG TIES AND money" (changes in caps)

and his forth line "Stayed on the northside of town, is where he STAY" sure sounds like 'stay' anyway.

fer tattoo ciudad hidalgo michoacan mexico. | Reviewer: fer muñoz
    ------ About the song Smoke The Weed performed by Snoop Dogg

Well...... i want to say i dont speak or write to much inglish but i like snoop dog music and a lot of black music too the rap is mi stile , maybe you snoop dog shut mandarme un saludo to mi facebook., i realli like your music., i am a nice person i dont

drinkalcohol or drugs, i have 2daugthers and they say im crazi jajaja, their are rigth., im a tattoo artist . Mi face fernando muñoz. I like your music snoop., please dont be culero y mandame un saludo or a litlle video to mi face saying hello. I hope you read this someday maybe., well bay. Be happy man, enjoy the life the famili and the good things. See you. Mi best wishes for you an your famili., sincerilli., fernando leonel muñoz montoya. Adress. Calle privada de guadalupe victoria numero 11 codigo postal 61100 ciudad hidalgo michoacan mexico. Could u send mi an autograph?' A picture of u saing hi maybe.

    ------ About the song Drop It Like It's Hot performed by Snoop Dogg

i just want to say, no point on hating this song cause I bet all of you haters have sung to it at least once m8! Yeah the song isn't the greatest, but its snoop dogs way of expressing all his stuff so let him be I mean you cant stop people from listening to it, 30 million views on youtube many people downloaded it when it came out I mean you cant do anything HAHA! plus im here because of 7secvideos (drop it like it hot video) look it up , its the best!

why so much bad words | Reviewer: Ciara Craft
    ------ About the song Money performed by Snoop Dogg

why do you have so much bad words in your songs snoopy I love your songs but you have gotta be more careful about the people around you because I know millions of people who love your songs but there's too much swearing

Hope you get this snoopy (I love chicken wangs too there my favourite thangs)

incorrect grammar? | Reviewer: --
    ------ About the song Smoke Weed Everyday performed by Snoop Dogg

It should be "Smoke weed every day", rather than "everyday". As both sound the same it might be a mistake worth correcting?
Or doesn't Snoop Dogg know his grammar? (can't say I'd be surprised if he didn't) ->that's if these are the official (released) lyrics.

plesae sir i need your help | Reviewer: davino dylanno
    ------ About the song Snoop World performed by Snoop Dogg

Dear sir,

am davino am 22 am a born Brazilian but in Cameroon i was born on the 24 Jan my parents both died during the lake nyo's disaster in Cameroon and ever since i have been surviving in this lonely world alone my parents both died during their yearly site visiting or say tourism visit.i grew up in the streets as a young guy of only 9years old.sir i hardly feed and even to put on something nice i have always admire you and i wish to be like you please sir i believe strongly in me that you are my savior in this lost by found world please have mercy on me i know you can help me i know you can give me a normal life again that type of life you will like even your own child to live i beg you in GODS name sir have mercy.i remain your subject sir.


Hav a coke and a smile and shut tha fuck up! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Drop It Like It's Hot performed by Snoop Dogg

To all the haters y hate y dont u stop hating other ppl and start hating ur selfs 4 being missrable little faggot cunts u bore me i hope u die in a fucking library reading a book SNOOP DAWGGY DOGG IS THA SHIT WOOP WOOP! amyxo

o ya march get said crip | Reviewer: Lil Teck
    ------ About the song Gangbangin' 101 performed by Snoop Dogg

crip is wut um 6anggin, 6lu flag out da left side haggin,only tyme u c redd. is when i got dat info redd aiming, all dat cet trippin nigga. I will make u famous nothing 2 b fuck wit dat loc out shite 6 dangerous, since a kidd moms told me i shoulden b banging diss, when it cum 2 dat slob shite um hartless, plus u no i got dat 40 cal regardless, if u cross yo bounderies that life u will dapart'it

Its both | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Boss' Life performed by Snoop Dogg

actually, the song is recorded twice. The plan was to have Akon do the chorus, but because of copyright issues they made a mix with The Chorus being song by Nate Dogg. Dont know wich version is on the The Blue Carpet Treatment though....i only own the Single, and in the single its Nate Dogg

OqHhcJNjGAqrJO | Reviewer: jonn3
    ------ About the song Gangbang Rookie performed by Snoop Dogg

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