Snoop Dogg Albums

  • That's My Work Vol. 3 Album (2/28/2014)
    Pop Pop Bang
    Happy Birthday
    Dick Walk
    Full Of That Shit
    Never Had It Like This
    On Edge
    Talkin Loud
    Weed N Wax
    Around The World
    Miss Everything
    Whats Yo Pleasure
    Aint Nobody
    Ain't It Man
    Feel Like Heaven
    Happy Birthday Pt 2
    Gangstas Dont Live That Long

  • That's My Work 2 Album (10/29/2013)
    Intro: Tha Dogg In Me
    Bad 4 Me
    No Ordinary Affair
    Let The K Spray
    Take Your Time
    Catch Me In Traffic
    All My Hoes
    Ball Til We Ball
    Passenger Seat
    Because I'm Black
    La La La (Remix)
    Let Me Explain
    Panties Off
    What's The Difference
    Groove Thang
    No Regrets

  • Reincarnated Album (4/23/2013)
    Rebel Way
    Here Comes The King
    Lighters Up
    So Long
    Get Away
    No Guns Allowed
    Fruit Juice
    Smoke The Weed
    Tired Of Running
    The Good Good
    Torn Apart
    Ashtrays & Heartbreaks
    Bonus Tracks
    La La La
    Harder Times

  • That's My Work Vol. 1 Album (12/2/2012)
    Intro (That's My Work Vol. 1)
    Gotta Hustle
    The Hood
    Funny Hoes
    Keep A Nigga High
    U Hear Me
    In Dank We Trust
    We Came Here To Party
    Keep It Crackin
    Goin Gorilla
    Getta Grip
    Fuc Yo Crew
    We Gonna Do It Again
    Why They Call You Bitch
    All Around The World
    Executive Branch
    Take A Hike
    Chicken Outro

  • Mac & Devin Go To High School Album (12/13/2011)
  • Doggumentary Album (3/29/2011)
  • More Malice Album (3/23/2010)
  • Malice N Wonderland Album (12/8/2009)
  • Ego Trippin' Album (3/11/2008)
  • Tha Blue Carpet Treatment Album (11/21/2006)
  • R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece Album (11/16/2004)
  • Paid Tha Cost to be Da Bo$$ Album (11/26/2002)
  • Duces 'N Trayz - The Old Fashioned Way Album (3/1/2001)
  • Tha Last Meal Album (12/5/2000)
  • Dead Man Walkin' Album (10/31/2000)
  • The Eastsidaz Album (2/1/2000)
  • No Limit Top Dogg Album (5/11/1999)
  • Da Game Is To Be Sold, Not To Be Told Album (8/4/1998)
  • Tha Doggfather Album (11/12/1996)
  • Doggystyle Album (11/23/1993)

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    Review | Reviewer: Paul
        ------ About the album No Limit Top Dogg performed by Snoop Dogg

    this album is awsome i love it and listen to it every single day snoop doggs music is so good i wish i had more albums so i could listen to them every single day my favorite song on this album would probably be "doin' to much"

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