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Nico take it slow
Show me that you care
And love's not just a flare on my sleeve
Sleep well, I pray that cardboard boxes,
Set the perfect stage.
'Cause wood grain makes all man made things seem so out of date
Life is not a play, it's what we
Make of the people we love.

Snails see the benefits
The beauty in every inch
Oh why, why, why, why, oh, why
Are you quick to kiss?
She bites at blades and leaves
God damn you shrubbery
Well I’m sick of vanity plays
Should we move to the UK?
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'Cause life here in the states has escaped
All the people above us.
What we make of those people we love

Snails see the benefits
The beauty in every inch
Oh why, why, why, why, why
Are you quick to kiss?
Baby, maybe I spoke too soon
I’ll touch you once you make the first move
Snails see the benefits
The beauty in every inch

I watch her as she runs
My mother jumps the gun
She puts her in her arms
That is just like my mom
Never lets go, never lets me grow old
I wanna pay her back
But love is nothing you can tax
My family’s not rich by any means
But I feel we won the lottery, that day
The rock swallowed the girl
And I cried as cameras caught my eyes
My tears turned into butterflies
They fly away as caskets close
A new day comes you’ll wake unfolding
Smile when you feel the sunlight
You feel the sunlight
You feel the sunlight

Snails see the benefits
The beauty in every inch
So why, why, why, why, why
Are you quick to kiss?
Baby, maybe I spoke too soon
I’ll touch you once you make the first move
Snails see the benefits
The beauty in every inch, oh
Snails see the benefits
The beauty in every inch

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Stop continued | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/23/10

That is going to fast which would exlane the snail analogy saying. Take it slow and you will appreciate the beauty everything so it could be a multiple meaning song and to answer syd's comment. There are 2 recordings in one he says take it slow in another he says come backhome I don't really know why

Stop | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/23/10

Have you guys stopped to think maybe you are all right?? The meanings to each verse could be different for instance when he says "the rock swallowed the girl" it doesn't seem to be about sex or a cat but death the rock is another term for cocaine another thing he could have just used the first name of his cat cause he liked the ring to it that doesnt mean ita a bout his cat and he does say take it slow which could be about a relationship

love it =] | Reviewer: syd | 1/25/10

i think it's "nico, come back home" at least that's what i hear.
anyway, i love this song. i guess it could be about sex, but for everyone it's different. that's why i like the format, it's not obvious, so you get what you want out of it. it's a beautiful song anyway. i love this band!

It's bout | Reviewer: Zaida | 7/18/09

a grl death theres nothing in there bout sex so stop thinking its bout sex its not ok. so i guess its this grl name janet nd he wants her back nd she is pretty. if u listen to it closely u can hear it. this song made me cry when i heard it for the 1st time

Listen again | Reviewer: AJ | 6/27/09

A friend and I have difference of opinion about this song, although we both love The Format. He does not think it's their best work, but I have to disagree.
Regardless of whether Nate says it's about sex, it is not that simple. It is about falling in love with someone who is just in lust. Obviously, as it has been stated, "snails see the benefits" is metaphoric of the idea to take things slowly because they can be enjoyed for a longer period of time that way. The rest of the song points out real loyalty, how supporting one another is of the utmost importance in any relationship. That's why he alludes to his relationship with his mother and his dog.
If you are a fan of The Format, you'll notice that quite a few songs mention how annoying relationships can be when there is only effort on one half. There are also a number of songs about things moving too quickly and becoming disasterous, at least emotionally.
This song is one of the most perfect songs I've ever experienced. The guitar, a songwriter's true lover, is anything but slow. The whole package, lyrics and music, move very quickly while stressing patience in new relationships and longevity of existing ones that are based on these ideas.

I Love Them :] | Reviewer: Ashley | 5/23/09

The Format reminds me alot of Panic! At The Disco... How both of their lyrics require alot of thought, and when you finally find out what its talking about, you realize how amazing and genius it is.

I don't think any of their songs have a one and only meaning. i think they put it so people can put themselves into it.. make it fit their own feelings...

Maybe? :P

Don't be so quick to dismiss | Reviewer: Avalan | 1/16/09

This song could quite easily be about promiscuity; "Nico take it slow, show me that you care" I have the feeling that he is addressing Nico. Whether Nico is a cat or not doesn't matter. Maybe he named his cat after an old crush. Nonetheless, "Oh why... are you quick to kiss?" seems to mean that she is moving too fast and is somewhat easy where as he would rather take it slow; "Snails see the benefits"-In taking it slow they see the beauty in every inch. He would also rather her make the first move and be shown that there is more meaning in their kissing than just a hook up ("show me that you care"). There's alot more to this song but I just thought I throw in this bit about the promiscuity.

GREAT!!! | Reviewer: G Wilhelm | 7/18/08

I'm an old fart - 43yof. I started listening to them because of my daughter and have seen them in concert w/ my daughter 5 times. They are awesome. I can't wait until they do their next album and start touring again!!!! Along with Boys Like Girls and CUTE,previous dh favorites that I liked, they are my absolute favorite!!! Although I really don't get a chance to listen to music ofter during the course of my "real life", I listen to THE Format when I can. They are a timeless band and I cant wait to hear their new stuff!!! Hope my old fart status doesn't turn anyone off that hasn't heard them before - lol :)

umm helllo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/08

everyone who wrote a review i believe your one really talked about the meaning..the song is about seeing the beauty in life. snails see it cause they move slow. the rock and the girl is about death. no where is there any refrence abotu sex any idiot would know that she doesnt get it is about causual sex.

what it really means | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/24/07

go to
click on audio
search for the format
open search result 21 (03-The Format-Snails.mp3)

in the beginning of the track he explains "It is not about girls, its about my dog" and "about promiscuous sex, but not promiscuous sex with your dog"

i think it is from the western tread showcase 2005

the audio isnt very good, (though the voices in the back do disappear eventually) but hopefully it answers some questions

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