Smosh Albums

  • The Sweet Sound Of Smosh Album (11/30/2013)
    Dixon Cider
    Pimps Of Prom
    Driver's Ed Rap
    We Rule High School
    Be Jabba's Guest
    A Whole New Vader
    I Want To Be Where The Jedis Are
    I've Got The Force In Me
    So Frickin' Tired Of Christmas
    The End Of Christmas
    12 Days Of Christmas Destruction

  • Smoshtastic Album (12/3/2012)
    This Album's Smoshtastic (Intro)
    Ultimate Assassin's Creed III Song
    Parents Suck
    Hair Ballad
    B.F.F. Reprise
    Bot Best Friend Commercial
    Bot Best Friend Activated
    Best Food In The World
    Metal Mom
    Happy Elves
    Evil Santa
    The Album's Done (Outro)

  • If Music Were Real Album (11/10/2011)
    If Music Were Real (Intro)
    The Legend Of Zelda Rap
    Meat In Your Mouth
    Hardcore Max 2
    Most Epic Vacation Ever (Cannon Penis)
    Segway Polo
    Boxman's Girlfriend
    Boxman For President
    Boxman's Happy Song
    Boxman 2.0
    I Heart Burgers
    Happy Cow
    Anthony's Gone

  • Sexy Album Album (12/15/2010)
    Renaissance Love
    Pokemon Theme Song Revenge
    Hardcore Max
    Transformers Rap
    Cute Furry Kittens
    My Fanny Pack
    Teleporting Fat Guy
    Milky Milkshake
    Hawking's Gonna Drop A Phat Remix
    Milky Milkshake (Hawking Remix)
    Predicate Rap
    Vader Is My Friend
    Boxmans Christmas
    Christmas With Billy
    Bow To The Unicorns

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