Smoking Popes Albums

  • Why Me Album
    Why Me
    When He Was on the Cross
    Green Pastures
    I'd Rather Have Jesus
    Great is Thy Faithfulness

  • Standing at the Door Album
    Standing at the Door
    The Game is Up
    The Moon Looks Like a Tomato
    Time is Gone

  • 64 Hours Album
    The Drive Home
    Already Gone
    Slow Down
    64 Hours
    Devil in Me
    Dream Away

  • Destination Failure Album (4/16/1997)
    Star Struck One
    No More Smiles
    I Know You Love Me
    You Spoke to Me
    Can't Find It
    Capital Cristine
    Before I'm Gone
    Let's Hear It For Love
    Pure Imagination
    I Was Right
    They Lied
    End of Your Time
    Pretty Pathetic
    Follow the Sound

  • Born to Quit Album (4/16/1994)
  • Get Fired Album (4/16/1993)
  • Break Up [7"] Album (4/16/1992)
  • 2 [7"] Album (4/16/1992)
  • Inoculator [7"] Album (4/16/1991)

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