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Cameo Smile Lyrics

Last updated: 09/05/2010 11:00:00 AM


Thanks to MARIA L GARCIA for submitting Smile Lyrics.

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Cameo - Smile review | Reviewer: Bill | 5/28/2006

Now, i have been a MAJOR Cameo fan for a good 2 years now, i am 17 years old but somehow Cameo's tracks alway appeal to me and "Smile" is no exception, along with "Candy" and "Rumours" this track is one of my all time favourite Cameo tracks.

They really did a great job with this track; they managed to pull something out the hat that has a really cool disco feel to it, but at the same time you still get "Cameosis" from it (haha).

If your a hardcore Cameo fan, you'll love this track, if your not a hardcore fan, you'll still love it...

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