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from Death Row Greatest Hits
f/ Scarface


There's gonna' be some stuff that your gonna' see
That's gonna' make it hard to smile in the future
(No Doubt)
But whatever you see, through all the rain and pain
You gotta keep a sense of humor
Gotta be able to smile through all this bullshit
Remember that
Just keep ya head up

Our lifesytles be closed caption
Addicted to fatal attractions
Pictures and actions be played back
In the midst of mashin'
No fairytales for this young black male
Some see me stranded in this land of Hell
Jail and crack cells
hustlin, hard to think of culture
Or the repercussion
While bustin' on back-stabbing vultures
Sellin' my soul
For material wishes
Fast cars and bitches
Wishin' I live my life a legend
Immortalized in pictures
Why shed tears, save your sympathy
My childhood years
Was spent burying my peers in the cemetary
Here's a message to the newborns
Waiting to breath:
"If you believe then
you can achieve, just look at me"
Against all odds
Though life is hard, we carry on
Living in the projects
Broke with no lights on
To all the seeds that follow me
Protect your essence
Born with less but your still precious
Just smile for me now

Ohhh Won't you smile for me
(2Pac: Just smile for me now)
Ohhh Won't you smile for me
(Nigga you black, smile for me now)
Ohhh Won't you smile for me
(You ain't got nothin' to worry about)
(Smile for me now)
Ohhh Won't you smile for me
(and the next generation)


Now as I open up my story
With the blaze of your blunt
So you can picture thoughts slowly
Upon phrases I run
And I can walk you thru the dayz that are done
I often wish that I can save everyone
But I'm a dreamer
Have you ever seen a nigga
Who was strong in the game?
Over-looking his tomorrows
and they finally came
Look back on childhood memories
And I'm still feelin' the pain
Turnin' circles in my nights grave
Dealin' Cocaine
To many hassels in my local lights
Survivin' the strain
And a man without a focused life
could drive him insane
Stuck inside a ghetto fantasy
Hopin' it'd change
But we're not focused on reality
We broken in chains
Had a dream of livin' wealthy
Makin' it big
Over football
chose 2 cook raw
What take it
He did
And after all my mama's thankin' god
For blessing her child
All my mama gotz to do now is collect
And smile
(2Pac: Smile)

Ohhh Won't you smile for me <X4>
(Smile for me now) <X1>


Fuck tha world
As we elope, we witness furious speeds
Un-answered questions keep us all stressin'
Curious G's
Back stabbed and bleeding
Crooked thoughts
Laced with weed
Learnin', duckin' stray shots
Bullets be hot
They burnin'
Inhale the sherm smoke
Visualize the flames
Will I be smothered by my own pain?
Strange wisdoms
Cowards conversate'
So quick to dis' us
Takin' pictures for the Feds
In desperate hopes they get us
Hit us all, give us plenty centuries
Forgive my stance
Sense I entered many penitentiaries
The best revenge
Is fuck friends
We milatary minded souljahs
Bustin' shots blindly
Trying to find Jahova
To help me
Somebody save me
Lost and crazy
Scared to drop a seed
Hopin' I ain't cursed babies
Maybe now
Niggaz feel me now
Picture my pain
Embrace my words
Make the world change
And still I smile nigga

Chorus till fade....

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Legendary | Reviewer: PACmanic | 2/27/14

The first time I time I heard this joint was in a neighbourhood I had just moved into on a hustle. As I approached from about half a kilometre, these you young lads were washing up a car. These timeless lyrics blasting crisply down the road. That experience is an ever-living vocal billboard in my heart.



Keep ya head up | Reviewer: Kustee Ayande | 12/3/13

Yae,em writing dis preview wit tear on eyes menh I feel de pains for 2pac,Whn ever I played his songs I cried dis world is wicked I'll keep on playin 2pac songs till I die I love dis Nigga............

larger than life | Reviewer: mshushu M | 3/22/13

(Sighin)....I normally say christian god doesn't exists or d god projectd its fallacy cos all gud n bettr human beings doesn't last long 2day we sittin heart broken without pac n those killd him r stil alive 'smile for me'send motion pictures in2 mind of pac whn he was performin live 'I wil nevr cal u a bitch again'@house of blues '96 with d outlaws sittin down pac flowin with lyrics without shirt on sweatin workin very hard as always surely if he ever perform smile for me live he was gnna do it exactly as 'I'll nevr cal u bitch' so we lost n whorshipers of fallacy celebrate bt really if god we told bout exists should hv saved pac bt it nevr happened so why niggas hv 2go 2church or sell their souls in2 religious faiths whn pac couldn't b saved I wil nevr believe in2 any god until pac's back in2 our lives

And Still.... | Reviewer: Jack Riggs | 11/9/12

I So Remember When This Song Came Out! and Yrs. After His Death ...I Looked It Up! And I Feel The Same Way Still.....
Yrs...After His Death.....I Only Hope My Kids Find This...And I Hope..Thay Feel It Like I Do! RIP..2pac!

life goes on | Reviewer: chizic | 10/15/11

pac i always mis u. U hv sold an endless seed in me through ur music. Especialy life goes on. It remainds me of my died love ones, but wen i play the track i fel that to every dark night there is a brither day. I luv pac. R.i.P.

teacher of freedom, Our Tupac/2pac | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/20/07

what a notion of love, more than any god would offer. I know its not easy to accept the fact when out mind is colonized by various dogmatic/hypocratic idea of church and temples. But guys, the love always reigns there where we find ourself free and singing with tupac I find myself free than ever. What a man, what a property. Never recognized but always lived on top.

keeping tupac in my heart foreva! | Reviewer: jenn | 4/21/07

wow,if eny1 ever has problems look in tupac's lyrics to lead ur way..i promise theres a lyrics 2 help u.ive looked and found all my life!!!!!!!

smile a lot!!! | Reviewer: dean | 12/10/06

this has to be one of the finest tracks not just by tupac, but by anyone!!!love it .

the legend | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/1/06

love it.. tupac rest in peace love forever
you help me through my rough times, true love and respect

tupac the genious | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/28/06

this should go number one on the charts. the song is laced with brilience. you got to love the touch of ingenious Tupac. Sill you rise brother.

i'm cool | Reviewer: mene tuoyo | 5/26/06

i need this smile for me now lyrics and send it to my box. i luv tupac so much with great passion

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