Smile Empty Soul Lyrics

BY: Fred Shuster, Music Writer
Smile Empty Soul, suburban Santa Clarita's first entry into
the "new Liverpool" stakes, is something to smile about.

Admirers say the trio - whose single "Bottom of a Bottle"
just hit No. 9 on Billboard's modern rock chart - doesn't
provide the run-of-the-mill head-banging fare you might
expect. Although its sound draws on grunge and new metal,
the group has been lauded for lyrics and vocals that mean
something to listeners.

Smile Empty Soul - the name reflects the notion that most
people walk around More...

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Review about Smile Empty Soul songs
This is an inspiration... | Reviewer: abk
    ------ About the song Silhouettes performed by Smile Empty Soul

i got to meet Sean danielson and the rest of the band just this last Friday night,i got to talk to them for about 30 minutes and talked to him specifically about this song...and let me just tell you it changed my life,i recited the song to him "i dont wanna let fear rule my life" and he sung rest of the line to me,i got to hug him and told him he saved life,that i didnt want to be like my father or mother and that he was my inspiration to be my own person and live my life the right way.

Beautiful | Reviewer: His name is mike
    ------ About the song Silhouettes performed by Smile Empty Soul

For the record, yes music is entertainment in a way, but its a form of expression, especially in this song. His family was controlling, they didn't try to be, its all they knew. They were chained by limiting belifes, his mom was afraid of the chance, and his dad never took it, never believed he could be anything more than he was, but his determination to keep a family together never faded, and it ruined him in the end. The song is about looking back on pain you've seen in your parents during childhood bug also the will to change the pain to a solution with your own life, your own kids, and learn from their mistakes. One of my favorite songs...

From an outsider ... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Nowhere Kids performed by Smile Empty Soul

I am a middle school teacher, and I just heard this song on my iPod as it was shuffling. I had forgotten it was even there. Anyway, it made me really sad to realize how much it reminded me of many of my students and their parents. I was especially struck by the line: "and what did you expect ... a perfect child
raised by tv sets ... abandoned every mile"

They aren't taking care of their kids, and they expect us to 'fix' them. Often, we are the only adults in their lives who they believe care anything for them. It's sad.

views | Reviewer: pq
    ------ About the song Silhouettes performed by Smile Empty Soul

this song just mirrors my life,my father is a good for nothing yet my mum still choose to listen to everything what my ass father says.i dunwanna live like my father!!!!!!!i wanna fucking leave my house and live a life without my father!!!!!!!

Missy | Reviewer: Missy
    ------ About the song Silhouettes performed by Smile Empty Soul

Every lyric describes me. And especially my father. He has worked so hard to support our family ane he now has a broken neck, both shoulders torn apart, and 4 stomach hernias, yet he still works to keep us going.. This song is beautiful to me.

:) :( | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Bottom Of A Bottle performed by Smile Empty Soul

i think this song is whatever you make of it. i didnt think of pills when they mentioned the bottom of a bottle...i too thought of alcohol..since they already mention drugs. but i suppose they could mean pills as well. anyhow, great to drive around and listen to it on repeat :)

:P | Reviewer: Josh
    ------ About the song Bottom Of A Bottle performed by Smile Empty Soul

I don't really know if this song is metaphorical at all,
but that's the great thing about music.
People take it for however they need to.

My take is that no matter how bad things can be going,
the little things that make him feel alive is what keeps him going on.
Even though pretty much everything makes you wonder why you keep on,
those little moments make it worthwhile.

As they say in zombieland, rule #32 - Enjoy the little things.

wtf? | Reviewer: sunshinegoth86
    ------ About the song Every Sunday performed by Smile Empty Soul

who said christians were the only ones sitting in churches or religious temples...i don't think he's singling them out, i think it's just an overall view towards those who do believe going to church covers their asses which is doesn't. i love smile empty soul!

@Cindy | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Silhouettes performed by Smile Empty Soul

I'm not being insensitive, but it's not this songs fault. You can't be angry because he had it in his Ipod.
Who cares? Just because it is in his ipod, doesn't mean he necessarily relates to it. I like the song Tik Tok by Kesha. Can I relate to that? NO. I like this song, and I CAN RELATE TO IT. BUT I'm NOT going to do bad thing BECAUSE OF IT.

Overall, I'm sorry for your lost.

epic sensation | Reviewer: eden
    ------ About the song With This Knife performed by Smile Empty Soul

This song really helped me a lot through a break up. Now to be honest I can finally say I'm over him :) this song is about more than just love though it could be about a friendship or a death without saying goodbye. Anyways this song is EPIC>!(: I LOVE SMILE EMPTY SOUL....

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