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Xiu Xiu Smear the Queen Lyrics

Last updated: 02/28/2012 11:00:00 AM

slap your cheeks for color
and suck your stomach to your spine
it's alright, it's alright, you look fine

horsewhipped you'll forever be
but much as his love runs down your thigh

throw your arms around my neck
& throw the rest against my chest
you woke up with your hands down
someone else's stretch-pants
held your breath 'til you blacked out
wash his taste out of your mouth
surprised that i could stomach it

led him by the halter
put the blinders on your eyes

it's time, it's time, you look like mine

a man you can never be
but just as the horseflies crowd your eyes
i tried, i tried
so before you change your mind

throw your belt around my neck
a brick in the small of the back
smear the queen
they bashed his teeth in with an elbow cast
held his throat 'til he passed out
count the men inside your mouth
surprised that you could stomach it

bridle yourself for secret love
an armful of charm
held up in hotel Golgotha
the bridegroom of blood

useless & covetous of love
it's over & over
the pale horse you should be frightened of
the horror, the horror

a kiss on the forehand
a kiss for the lip strap
a kiss on the nose band
a kiss on the throat latch