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The Rasmus Small Town Lyrics

Last updated: 03/01/2010 10:00:00 AM

Oh yeah!


You get no kick out of champagne
Things make you sick by staying the same
So lame
And if you think that you know everybody
And if it seems inspiration is gone
Days when it feels like nothing can turn you on

Open your eyes to the life in this small town
How many times you've been leaving?
Oh yeah
And so it seems we keep coming back home
So open your eyes to the life in this small town


I always run straight to the flames
I've lost my face in a thousand ways
Oh yeah
You don't give a damn about my reputation
Take me as I am
You are my family
If you get lonely you know where you will find me


And there is no way out
If you don't wanna talk about it
If you don't wanna turn around
I wanna have confidence in you


Uh-huh, hey!

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!!! | Reviewer: Olja | 5/15/2007

Cheerful song!!! Alive, vigorous!!! At the first notes, it raises mood!! Lyrics very deep, sensual!!!

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Small Town Review | Reviewer: Lintu91 | 12/23/2004

Wicked song. It has emotion, ambience..everything a good rasmus song has. I live in a 'small town' myself so I know exactly what they are singing about. If you want a proffesional opinion don't ask me but it's the thought that counts eh? I will review some more songs soon and i hope you took the time to read this.


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