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You insult me in my home, you're forgiven this time
Things go well, your eyes dilate, you shake, and I'm high?
Look in my eyes deep and watch the clouds change with time
20 hours won't print my picture milk carton size
Carton size, carton size, carton size

Call me up congratulations ain't the real why
There's no pressure besides brilliance let's say by day 9
Endless corporate ignorance lets me control time
By the way, by the way, by the way, by the way

Once again you see an in discolored skin gives you away
So afraid you kindly gurgle, out a date for me

Now the body of one soul I adore wants to die
You have always told me you'd not live past 25
I say stay long enough to repay all who cause strife

Once again you see an in discolored skin gives you away
So afraid you kindly gurgle, out a date for me

Once again you seen an in, discolored skin gives you away
So afraid you kindly gurgle, out a date for me

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Tar: the real sludge | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/5/14

Layne was the lead vocals of AiC and none can compare, Jerry wrote this
song with most of their music, Layne did cowrite some but the majority of his input came in the form of how and when he sang the words expressing the feelings vocally, he was a bad ass. Jerry writes about Layne coming to his house after being incognito and getting high when he claims to be clean, says his shot hit right and the rush comes on.......And I'm high? Layne was claiming to be sober, but still using so he tries to flip it.. Look into my eyes deep.... im tieed of this and I'm starting to give up. The carton picture refers to him basically blowing off Jerrys concerns about his reclusiveness, saying disappearing for a day is nothing to worry about. He Talks about the calling to congratulate on but really making sure he hasnt relapsed yet, by day nine the physical aspects of withdrawl are gone so the label really wanting to get back to work, but they allow him to control the time frame and he continues to use. His tracks give it away, high and scared of losing his band he gurgles another date of sobriety . Most say the last verse now one soul i Adore wants to die....refers to his girl, but i see it as Jerry accepting his friend is consumed with this addiction and they both know the only way he will be able to shake heroin, by death. In short this song was the story of one mans blinding addiction and his close friends attempts to salvage his life from black tar heroin that is so widely available in Seattle. I see it this way because I continue to fight this battle with my friends and family almost daily as I have used for years now. If your not familiar black tar is obviously black as well as extremely sticky. The "Sludge Factory" is referring to the user and his body is like a factokr

Sludge factory | Reviewer: Melyssa | 10/11/13

The first part of this song is about a junkie shooting another junkie up and get'n off on it!! It's called stealing a high! " your eyes dilalate you shake I'm HIGH " the first time I ever heard that I was like, "wow, he just put that out there!" No matter what he did in life he was an amazing creator!!! BEAUTIFUL!!

yes and no | Reviewer: ricc | 11/12/11

I agree with what everyone else has to say about what this song means.

I've been a musician my whole life and the lyrics definitely apply to the whorehouse that is the music industry BUT, it could apply to anyone else's life as well. Waiting for your boss to give you that promotion you've already earned? "So afraid to kindly gurgle out a date for me" Someone disrespects you? "You insult me in my home you're forgiven this time?" AIC always has a way of expressing things in such a way that you or me or anyone else could just as easily say it. That's how you separate musicians from people that want to be famous. Really. Sing along to this song and tell me you don't tense up. That's because they meant what they wrote.

The meaning | Reviewer: effjay | 9/22/11

I think this song has to do with the music buisness and how it is a "Sludge Factory". "You kindly gurgle out a date for me" and "this corporate ignorance let's me control time" is a music boss asking when the record will be done and his ignorance let's Layne control the time that it's finished. Layne also got the rep from the music label high in the beginning of the song. "Your eyes dialate and I'm high?"

That's the way I look at it. The rep's weapon is guilt about not finishing the record on time. "Your weapon is guilt!"

Song lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/24/09

I've a better understanding of it now after reading the other interpretations. Obviously drug addiction plays a part in the song but I also think there's an element of alienation in it and that's reflected in the spoken word section, i.e.: "vultures, liars and thieves.....", and "the breaking of the spirit thwarts the whole being". Was the spoken word section intentionally omitted from the CD inlay or the record sleeve cuz it kinda sounded random in a way, or was it too long to print?

Amazing anaology of layne trying to make sense of himself | Reviewer: Junkhead | 7/25/09

This is layne trying to make sense of himself his life his past and years of drug abuse and loss and in himself he finds that he is more confusing inside. And let's the confusion out. It's a simple way of expressing his beautiful soul and the way it works. Props to jerry mike and sean for making it sound awsome as well. Love the song!!!!!!!

1996-06-30 | Reviewer: aic | 1/24/09

Thanks for the add of the final part of the song! :]
And I have to say that it's so easy to say that Layne fucked up the lyrics during the unplugged because of his problems... I disagree with that.
On the 1996-06-30 show (opening for Kiss), which is probably one of the most powerfull AiC's show ever, Layne forgot part of the lyrics on Sludge Factory too. I mean, 2 times he whould have messed it up because of addiction? no i don't think...
Sometimes, even if you've written the stuff, there are some parts you can confuse with another one... and because of that, you stop singing.

Great, but missing lyrics. | Reviewer: Chris | 11/6/08

At the end you're missing the lyrics to his ominous spoken word part.
i bear true and an existing witness
To this barrel of monkeys.
A self proclaimed immoral success,
Perfected by each whereof
Individually deadly and equally so
And spread about the surrendered troops,
For even thousands of miles will not
Tear apart their communication, or the lack thereof.
Vultures, liars, thieves, each proclaim their innocence
In no suggestion or rhyme, your weapon is contained in
The wrecking of the keeping the desired effect.
The breaking of the spirit thwarts the whole being.
Your weapon is guilt, your weapon is guilt, your weapon is guilt.

its sad | Reviewer: Megan | 10/23/07

its just sad how he messed up on this song in the unplugged dvd, i mean he helped WRITE the song. it just showed how much closer to death he was really getting.

rip Layne.

my favorite band | Reviewer: ron.h | 3/25/07

i love the unplugged version of this song as well,layne was like an angel singing to me and im gonna miss him more everyday that goes by see you when i get there layne!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Magnificent | Reviewer: Orr | 3/3/07

The unplugged version is awesome, especially for Layne's vocals. I miss you Layne!

powerful | Reviewer: Justin Switalski | 10/29/05

I like this song for many reasons the main one of which pretains to the unplugged version of this song if you havent heard it you should. Layne puts everything he has vocally,into this song im sure you will feel the same way as i do about this one.

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