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Dynamite Boy Slow Down Lyrics

Last updated: 08/27/2002 04:55:46 AM

----Let's Go!!----

Well it's too soon, it's too much for me to ignore
I never tried to run cuz I thought I wanted more
I hate to ell you this, please don't walk right out the door
My mind's on cloud nine, but my heart fell through the floor
I'm tellin' you

(chorus) Slow down- I gotta get used to this somehow
Slow down- I've spent so long in lonesome town
Slow down- You say the 'L' word, I have to frown
Slow down- And let me make up my mind now

And now I'm lost, I think my fear is warrented
because I know you're gonna break my heart again
so this time I won't let you crawl inside my head
because losing love is the one thing that I dread
I'm tellin' you

-----------bridge and solo