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Red Hot Chili Peppers Slow Cheetah Lyrics

Last updated: 02/25/2014 07:13:17 AM

Waking up dead, inside of my head
Would never never do there is no med
No medicine to take

I’ve had a chance to be insane
Asylum from the falling rain
I’ve had a chance to break

It’s so bad it’s got to be good
Mysterious girl misunderstood
Dressed like a wedding cake

Any other day and I might play
A funeral march for Bonnie Brae
Why try and run away?

Slow cheetah come
Before my forest
Look like it's on today

Slow cheetah come
It's so euphoric
No matter what they say

I know a girl
She worked in a store
She knew not what
Her life was for
She barely knew her name

They tried to tell her
She would never be
As happy as the girl
In a magazine
She bought it with her pay

Slow cheetah come
Before my forest
Look like it's on today

Slow cheetah come
It's so euphoric
No matter what they say

Everyone has
So much to say
They talk talk talk
Their lives away
Don’t even hesitate

Walking on down
To the burial ground
It’s a very old dance
With a merry old sound
Looks like its on today

Slow cheetah come
Before my forest
Look like it's on today

Slow cheetah come
It's so euphoric
No matter what they say

Slow cheetah come
Before my forest
Look like it's on today

Slow cheetah come
It's so euphoric
No matter what they say

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some thoughts | Reviewer: dem | 11/4/13

Slow Cheetah is not the drugs in my opinion as some people have indicated. It's the writer and it represents depression.

Cheetahs are supposed to be strong and fast, but the writer feels unable, weak, almost sick.
"Waking dead inside of my head".

At first it seems like, he managed to quit drugs
"I've have a chance to be insane",
but then the thought of drugs comes back since
"there's no medicine to take" and fix his state of mind.

The chorus is basically, his addiction calling to him, trying to lure him back in
"Slow cheetah come before my forest"
"... it's so euphoric"
"no matter what they say".

At the last verse, seems like he's ready to give in
"Walking on down to the burial ground" (he knows it does him no good)
"It’s a very old dance with a merry old sound" (almost nostalgic)
"Looks like its on today" (looks like giving in after all)

Slow Cheetah | Reviewer: Perry | 8/21/12

you guys only talk about Kiedies ... i wouldnt be suprised if this song was written completly by Frusciante , but anyways , its one of the best RHCP songs ever , the guitar at the start is a killer .. a beautiful one

What can I say ? | Reviewer: Christer | 7/28/11

Well, what can I say about this song ? It's just great, as the rest of the album !
I like many, many types of different music and there are incredibly a lot of good artists. Inspite of that I hold Red Hot Chili Peppers as one of the greatest bands in the world !!! This song and the whole album, Stadium Arcadium, are totally awasome !!! It's so good that it almost hurts !

Retreat | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/15/11

I think this song might be about Anthony contemplating what it was like to live before he quit, pretending he had one more day. He says, "Any other day, I might play/ a funeral march for Bonnie Bray." I interpret this to mean he is not playing the funeral march today and is going to make that next heroine pick up. I think slow cheetah is a reference to the drug which he calls to and is continually drawn to. Slow Cheetah may be the way he feels when he does a speed-ball. Also, i believe this song is about the dual nature of the drug. "It's so bad it's got to be good" and the image of people being merry at a grave yard show a theme of dual nature, along with the paradox of the Slow Cheetah. I believe the slow cheetah may also represent how he feels great doing heroine, but knows it will slow him down later, causing death. In the end though, "he's had his chance to break," but has stayed clean, and he doesnt want to wast his life away by talking and not thinking or hesitating as stated in the last verse. The negative nature of the dual natured substances which plague our world have to be measured and let go if too bad, regardless of how good they make us feel. Thanks kiedis for this great song. the solo at the end rainbows every emotion right into me soul.

... | Reviewer: Chris C | 8/29/10

This song I great. I think the end of the song is just awesome. When flea & John play together it's always great to hear. I would love to hear this song live just to see what they do with the little melody part at the end......

Best song ever | Reviewer: andres | 6/7/10

It's by far the best red hot chili pepper's song.
It talks about how everyone should slow down a little. Using metaphors related with Kiedi's relation with drugs, they express strong feelings and very nice frases.
Plus, the melody goes really good with the lyric.
Simply perfect.

Relate to whatever... | Reviewer: Ima Bigchilifan | 5/9/10

It's not about drugs, or 'just a bunch of metaphors'
its about a state of mind. The melancholy feel, you can use the lyrics for whatever you want in your mind. You have to pay attention on how its integrated with the instruments in order to feel what the lyrics are really about.

refering to the third verse | Reviewer: Randa | 8/25/09

while i think that what the last one said is true. i think the third verse is just refering to a girl who buys drugs because everyone tells er she will never be happy. so when she gets her pay check she goes buy the drug to make her feel better about life.

this songs is a lot about change. I love this song!

Adding onto C-Dub | Reviewer: Josh | 1/18/09

thanks to what C-dub found this is my opinion:

the first verse is about his being clean and him actually getting over drugs by passing up the 'chance to break' and give in to drugs. the first three lines of the second verse are about his now changing opinion on drugs (possibly because of the dentist visit from the book) switching to more approval (and the 'girl' is actually the drugs), in the last three lines of the verse he's saying any other day i might play a funeral march or 'give a farewell bid-ence' for/to Bonnie Bray which is the place he picked up drugs and thus a metaphor for drugs, ending with his 'logical' conclusion 'why try and run away?' connecting to the first three lines of that verse about fighting the drug addiction. This explains the meaning of the chorus where the 'slow cheetah' is some type of metaphor for the drugs/drug use and he says its so euphoric because of his remembering how 'good' it felt. I have no idea about the third verse.... The first two lines of the fourth verse have to do with the last line of the chorus in that they all three refer to the 'they' the 'everyone' that are against drugs and always have many medical or personal arguments against them, they 'talk their lives away' wasting their lives in other words, possible reason: because it will never deter the people on drugs, this reason would make sense because it would explain why he says 'no matter what they say' in the chorus, hes going to do drugs no matter what they say. This comes to the fourth line of the fourth verse where he now 'doesnt even hesitate' to 'walk' or go 'down to the burial ground' where he 'buried' his addiction the 5 1/2 years before and got back to the 'very old dance' of doing drugs 'with the merry old sound' or feelings/hallucinations/whatever came with what he took, and this finally explains the second line of the chorus 'looks like its on today' which means looks like doing drugs is 'on' today.

deep meaning | Reviewer: SYkER | 1/4/09

most of the red hot chili peppers songs are usually of anthony keidis's point of view with drugs, i think that this song is about the drugs point of view themselves and how they attract people of how "euphoric" and "no matter what they say"

Meh | Reviewer: Chris | 12/9/08

Great sounding song but Anthony Keidis is a lot like Robert Plant in that they're lyrics in a lot of songs are just a bunch of metaphors. I don't think the song has quite as much meaning as everyones interpreting it as. "Catchy" and "Sell out" is what I hear. I agree slow cheetah is probably a state of drug addiction. Just like stairway to heaven, this song doesn't really mean anything in particular. Its more like a bunch of catchy metaphors rather then one big story.

Another Pepper's Masterpiece | Reviewer: C-Dub | 7/13/08

I love this song. I have some insight from anthony kiedis' book, Scar Tissue about the following lyrics.

Any other day and I might play
A funeral march for Bonnie Brae
Why try and run away?

on pg 317 of the paperback edition he says that the intersection of Bonnie Brae and sixth street is where he went to get drugs. He was struggling to stay clean but after a dentist had to use narcotics to perform an extraction he was hooked again. I think he may be reminiscing about the moment that even though he had been clean for 5 1/2 years, he now lost all interest in running away from his addiction. Any other day he would mourn his drug addiction but today he sees no need. i could be wrong. hope i helped. that particular lyric had me stuck for a while. glad i picked up the book.

Overdose | Reviewer: Norma Cluster | 5/22/08

I have a good idea what the song meaning may be of this beautiful track. The first verse speaks of his own addictions. The next verse speaks of a girl 'dressed like a wedding cake' and playing a 'funeral march for Bonnie Brae." It sounds like she's in a casket. Bonnie Brae is a traditional Irish folk song. The chorus speaks of a 'Slow Cheetah', perhaps describing someone on drugs who is racing towards death. 'Come into my euphoric' is heroin calling her in, telling her its a good time. The third verse describes the girls life and what brought her to addiction. The last verse is him at her funeral, contemplating how most people waste their lives talking and don't notice life itself. But I'm just guessing. The best part of the song for me is the acoustic reprieve and John's haunting solo at the end.

Precisely, precisely | Reviewer: Franklin | 2/10/08

Not-a-moron is right, but he missed a nice opportunity to quote the lyrics in question:

"Everyone has so much to say/they talk, talk, talk their lives away/don't even hesitate".

By the way, I just love this song. It does touch my heart and move my mind somehow.

People, shut up. | Reviewer: Not-a-moron | 12/12/07

The song is excellent, but that's no excuse to deluge thinking people with solipsism of the magnitude Anna has managed to. Seriously, read what she wrote. It's awful.