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Can't take your slogans no more,
can't take your slogans no more,
can't take your slogans no more,
can't take your slogans no more.

Wipe out the paintings of slogans
all over the streets (ooh, ooh, ooh),
confusing the people
while your asphalt burns our tired feet.
I see borders and barriers,
segregation, demonstration and riots (ooh, ooh, ooh),
a-sufferation of the refugees,
oh-oh, when, when will we be free?

Oh-oh-oh, we can't take your slogans no more,
can't take your slogans no more,
can't take your slogans no more,
no more sweet talk from-a culprit,
no more sweet talk from the hypocrites.

/guitar solo/

So we know we can't take your slogans no more,
can't take your slogans no more,
can't take your slogans no more,
no more sweet talk from-a culprit,
no more sweet talk from the pulpit.

No more sweet talk from-a culprit,
no more sweet talk from the hypocrites (oh, no hypocrites!),
no more sweet talk from-a culprit (wo-ah yeah),
no more sweet talk (no-no-no-no sweet talk) from the hypocrites (hey!),
no more sweet talk from-a culprit,
no more sweet talk (no-no-no-no sweet talk) from the hypocrites (no-no-no-no hey!).

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The saint | Reviewer: Ncamiso M. Sibandze | 2/20/14

Brada Robert Nesta i've been listening at your songs bt you exeld on slogans,you proved tht u were a peace figter,u opposed act tht wanted to put pple in opprestion,u w'll live mai heart 4eva

slogans | Reviewer: llian timothy | 7/24/13

it makes sense,slogans;what is that.never came across such word in holy bible.why using ti to settle peace.politics,aaargggg man.why do refugees suffer?why not love each other and fuk politics?Bob make me see world as it is,without any obligations and obstacles,he just make me understand every aspect of life I come across as time pass.pple seemingly understand less the meaning of life,yet slogans contribute much to these loses of thy life,war in the hills,south,west, man man,pple in Zimbabwe now are all on the streets day and nite coz of viva that viva this.AFTER ALL THERE IS BT ONLY ONE MORE THING TO DO,;LOVE ONE ANOTHER.That was good teaching by Christ himself.JAH BLESS

Slogans | Reviewer: Ras Lennon,Zimbabwe | 6/4/13 he said,politics is one stupid ting to keep pple divided.why involve slogans in settling peace.slogans. slogans;thats shit man.every song this man sang about politics have a quite powerful meaning.even non-political ones are meaningful too.thanx Bob,alwaays love you

slogans | Reviewer: Jar fari | 5/5/13

This song makes me enlighted.The situation here in Zimbabwe continous to be foward ,foward with some individual's intrest .But now i say to all Zimbabweans listen to the words of the preacherman Bob and lets make a way to peace and prosperity for everyone.No no to dem slogan

Slogans | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/16/13

tis song is truly moving and emotive, Bob speaks through tis song sometimes ago, so sad to see it still happens tis days...Bob is truly a philosopher...
Rest in Peace Bob....Bless Marley Families

South West Pacific



Slogans | Reviewer: Kennedy mushure | 11/29/12

No nid to take any slogans.For who's benefit?They lie for how many years?We are tired and we are nothing in eye of a politician when pastures grow.Noting to seh about bob.Bob yo words never dies rest in peace rastaman we never forget you.

Greatest Song Ever | Reviewer: Henry Francis Abban | 10/7/12

I was amaze this song exist.Only last week a friend of mine introduce me to this great song.And I have been playing it continiously.I wish and hope reggae dj at various radio stations across the world will human race great service if they'll play this song on their programs.Yes we don't want any off this political slogans on our ears,yes we can't take any more of their lies in the streets as we are in election era.Peace brother Nesta.Nhinyabegie chant down babylon.

this is a master class | Reviewer: Sola | 5/1/12

I have was exposed to Bob's music in my early teens before Bob's passing. I have to say as a Bob Fanatic, been able to sing about all of his music i know off hand. It's a shame I did not know about Slogans. I read that it was still "work in progress". but nobody can deny the fact that this is a master class. Kudos to Eric Clapton. this is a great song!

slogan | Reviewer: Patrick Machary | 12/10/11

what Bob sing is truely reflects whats realy exists in presence life,politicians ask that we'll achieve the best but still truth suppressed.and there is no telling.What he says will never end till politics is downpressed and no man to lead another rather than himself.I'll still tell the people to understand lyrics which teach us the truth of all our life.The blood of our brother and sisters shade due to palitics deceitful slogans will nourish the tree of freedom(feel reggae music)

Fantastic | Reviewer: mustafa | 11/13/11

Iam from Sudan and Ilove Bob Marley music and songs too much ever since when I was 13.This song expresses donw-pressors feelings triumphantly to stick up on their rights and equality . More thanks 2 u bob we love for ever.

slogans | Reviewer: tebogo samuel tshakuma | 4/15/11

True the song is been underrated, i came acroos this song on soweto tv reggae music programme. i have been listening to brother bob for almost 30 years and i came across this song this year (2011). The song exposes the lies that we are told by our political party during every election season, they promise our people good life but what we get is the same old lies. when are the poor gonner rise up and stop this thing. STOP voting. i don't knoe if that is the solution. We can't take their slogans no more. they fill our streets and once they are in office the forget about us. Peace be with you brother Bob, we love you.

Timeless | Reviewer: Abraham | 4/3/10

This song demonstrates bob marley music will never die, it's 2010 and there is still so much trouble in the world, slogans looks like it was written in the present though marley died almost 30 years ago.

Eric clapton really puts a great touch into this song, love the solo

"slogans" commento | Reviewer: carti | 1/19/10

Bob parla di rivoluzione con dolcezza,dolcezza vera -non ipocrita-,consapevolezza e commozione:chi grida giustizia e libertà,pace e fratellanza si rende portavoce di "Jah"!!! Bob amava "Jah" e i "dimostranti" .Non c è tono veemente o violento c è solo fermezza e coraggio : a volte niente è più forte di un sussurro!
Questo testo mi è venuto in mente gli scorsi giorni guardardo le VERGOGNOSE immagini di"Rosarno"...............

slogans | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/25/09

i agree that this song is most definately underated. i am a 12 yr old and have been listening to bob marley since my mum was pregnant with me! my mum dad and i own just about every single bob marley cd and record.i have only come across 'slogans' on one cd, and on that its a bonus song! i think it says that it was released in 2005, so that is probably why.

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