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Slipknot's mix of grinding, post-Korn alternative metal,
Marilyn Manson-esque neo-shock rock, and
rap-metal helped make them one of the most popular bands in
the so-called nu-metal explosion of the late '90s. But even
more helpful was their theatrical, attention-grabbing (some
critics said ridiculous) image: the band always performed
in identical industrial jump suits and homemade Halloween
masks, and added to its mysterious anonymity by adopting
the numbers zero through eight as stage aliases. Add to
that a lyrical preoccupation with More...

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Review about Slipknot songs
awesome | Reviewer: blackrangerfan4ever
    ------ About the song Psychosocial performed by Slipknot

this is a great song to me is like he's running from homosexuals and the world that were're living in now is bad and with homosexuals around this world is not going to get better and abortion is evil and if my words are to deep for you to handle then go to hell!

    ------ About the song Scissors performed by Slipknot

Why is corey losing his shit by the end of the scissors song? I mean why is it so emotional for him? With korn i see that he got raped etc...
but now to the song. Its fucking awesome, so full of screaming and raw emotions!!

Get a load of you guys | Reviewer: HAHA
    ------ About the song I Am Hated performed by Slipknot

Wow.... I'm dumbfounded by these corny lyrics. Oh... the fans... "i'm fat and next time one of those stupid bodybuildernoobs laughs at me i'll give him that line and a punch in his face ... ". Comic GOLD! Seriously... these twats appeal to 13 year old "hardasses". Grow up. I mean, come on now... don't tell me you guys don't feel that these guys are complete tryhards with the whole "woe me, my life sucks and imma tell yall about it" bullshit. Pathetic.

the song's bretty gud | Reviewer: Brian
    ------ About the song People = Shit performed by Slipknot

Hi! few things to start off with =] 1. yes I responded you because you're a female maggot, 'tis an awesome thing to see! 2. I'm Brian. 3. Don't be intimidated, but I'm not a stereotypical guy. If anything, I'll be the one in the kitchen.:^D

hmmm... | Reviewer: yo-mammy
    ------ About the song Eeyore performed by Slipknot

What in the hell is this song about? My opinion about Slipknot...well, as individuals, Joey Jordison is not a great drummer...pretty good, yes, especially with the kicks...but everything else? Decent, yes. Better than me? Well, yeah. Corey? Lyrical genius? I hardly think so. Tom Araya is better than that, and not much. HOWEVER---put them all together as a band? Awesome. Just like Slayer...except Dave Lombardo is much much much better than Jordison. Keep practicing, Nathan ;)

Life lesson | Reviewer: ...
    ------ About the song I Am Hated performed by Slipknot

Been listening to Slipknot, Corey, and all the others in interviews and music. First of all, thats one of their strongest songs to my mind. It just kicks ass and its aggressive and powerful!
I guess this song is about saying "Fuck you!" to the world, but not as some desperate reaction but out of the conscience, that we dont need any "motherfuckers [...] who cross us". It's not saying "fuck you" because someone hurt you, but saying "fuck you" because it doesnt fucking matter. He cant hurt you anyway, since hes just another idiot moving along. And thats like what Slipknot is all about for me. Not giving a fuck. If someone has a problem with you: Fine. Let him. Who gives a fuck anyway? And instead of whining that you never get to go outside, just SHUT UP and fucking go!
To all the haters who think this is a destructive text that just wants you to use aggression and harm people, you're wrong! This song is an open reminder, that you should live your life, no matter what crosses your way! I dont know what could be more positive. Sometimes you just need to yell at someone to make a difference.

Life | Reviewer: Rusty
    ------ About the song Vermillion performed by Slipknot

This reminds me of the person I loved with all my heart, he was the one who got me to open up about being bi, he was a sexually abusive whore, but for some reason no matter what he did to me I forgave it. He made his mind up to tell me he was in love with me, but threw me to the side like trash, so now I act like I never even cared for him in any way.

Totally Awesome shit | Reviewer: Dham'z
    ------ About the song People = Shit performed by Slipknot

in my apartment we 5 shit to share in one fucked room, but only me always listening in fucked song bcoz i lov slipknot & i lov there song, while the other listening to the classical and they hate me when i turn on my own fav song & they called me i'm s2pid n sick!

Just a thought... | Reviewer: Meh
    ------ About the song Prelude 3.0 performed by Slipknot

I remember when I went through a phase that all I would listen to was SlipKnoT.... I still do but Around that time was when Paul died. I dont think I ever was so sad before in my life. I used to be a true maggot at that time, mostly because I literally grew up to SlipKnoT since I was just born and all. But anyways I think this was one of my favorite songs that dem good 9 made... Along with many others of course......

SlipKnoT forever | Reviewer: Dani the Filth
    ------ About the song People = Shit performed by Slipknot

Ok first off it don't matter if you're black white green or pink, SlipKnoT dont care what colour you are!!! And neither should you, be yourself be sic n don't take shit from any motherfucker!!! One last thing bvb are not fucking metal!!

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