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Release Date: 08/28/2001
Tracks in Iowa: People = Shit, Disasterpiece, My Plague, Everything Ends, The Heretic Anthem, Gently, Left Behind, The Shape, I Am Hated, Skin Ticket, New Abortion, Metabolic, Iowa

Iowa Album Tracklist

best album ever | Reviewer: corey | 6/11/14

the slipknot story started when i heard wait and bleed. i seen the masks and was like what the &*&* heard the song and i was hooked. have every album and i even have the iowa jumpsuit and the mask to go with it, it look just as they do. and it got me to meet the band at the mayham fest in atlanta ga. best shown i have ever been to and no other band can compete.. so if your reading this and think this guy is bullsh**ing then go the the twitter page of bluetelliecorey and see how real i real i am

review of Iowa album | Reviewer: joey jordison iz epic :·) | 1/25/12

man my plague (abusive version) is way better than the the origanal. my slipknot story is simple. me and my cajun girlfreind were about to brake up. but my radio played duality. i was all holy $\%$, this is freekin awesome man. then i bot every album at like an hour later. then me and my g.f. forgot all about braking up. we were 8 at the time, now were 11, and in love so much more. i luv u slipknot. stay a sic @$$ maggot! r.i.p paul. luv ya bro

How I got into Slipknot! | Reviewer: Kevin Hatibovic | 2/22/10

Well i was just chillen on the bus, all day at school was hectic, and depressing, i was hating the world at the moment and my friend says, "hey, have you heard slipknot before? " i reply "no, who are they? " he puts on Heretic Anthem, and BOOM it was OVER! completely transformed me into a maggot, but now im part of the Cattle herd for JFAC, and Cattle Decapitation!

GREAT | Reviewer: No Name | 1/28/08

Excellent CD that has the obvious hits; Left Behind, My Plague & the Heretic Anthem which are all great on their own, but this album has other great songs to offer like The Shape, Everything Ends and New Abortion! This is my fav slipknot cd, so if your a fan of the first album, you should check this 1 out, I swear its great! BUY IT NOW.... I promise you'll b happy

Iowa by Slipknot | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/19/05

An amazing heavy metal album including left behind, heretic anthem + my plague. Recommended to any metal fan.

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