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Release Date: 08/26/2008
Tracks in All Hope Is Gone: execute, Gematria (The Killing Name), Sulfur, Psychosocial, Dead Memories, Vendetta, Butcher's Hook, Gehenna, This Cold Black, Wherein Lies Continue, Snuff, All Hope Is Gone, Bonus Tracks, Child Of Burning Time, Vermilion Pt. 2 (Bloodstone Mix), Til We Die

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Awesome | Reviewer: Tristan | 12/24/09

I have to say that when I first heard this album I was shocked. But being from Iowa and hanging with the guys I loved it. It's by far one of the greatest albums they have put out. Number 2 on my list of favorite Slipknot cd's, number 1 of course is Iowa.

kinda shity | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/09

slipkont loast its ability to play heavy ass metal its mainlyu cuz coy shot ou his voice sadly so he cant scream at the top of his lungs like he used to and make his music just fucken bad ass but subliminal versus and beyond showed the lack of heavy they always carried all that made it metal is gone sadly butt i still like subliminal versus its ok when ur not in a heavy death metal mood

RadicalSurprisingSpectacular | Reviewer: ben starr | 6/9/09

All Hope Is Gone is the most radical, surprising album that Slipknot has released or ever could release. If you've seen other posts on this site from me you'd know that I initially didn't like it. Once I got past the sheer shock of the whole thing, it became clear to me how great an album this is. That which is new and surprising is what makes All Hope Is Gone a great album- the longer, extended tracks and the greater use of melody, the most striking being the Tool-like melody in Dead Memories. They just wrote so differently this time around- unusual song structure, longer songs, and greater speed. I never would have expected Slipknot to write songs with a swinging groove and melodic chorus like Psychosocial, an intro reminiscant of Enter Sandman on Dead Memories, or a straight-ahead hard rock song like Vendetta. And of course there is Snuff, though that may be the song that feels a bit too out of context for Slipknot. But you have to give Slipknot credit for trying, because the experiments work more often than not. Getting all 9 guys to write material was very beneficial to this album, and I have to give props to Corey Taylor for putting to rest his cliqued and tired rantings of anger and desolation and writing lyrics about the futile state of our nation. Overall, All Hope Is Gone proves that Slipknot is beyond the trappings of nu metal and are in fact a highly creative bunch of headbangers. All Hope Is Gone stands to be Slipknot's best effort, and should they hang it up soon, they will have gone out on the top of their game, completely destroying the expectations we once had of them.

Yeah! | Reviewer: Reika | 3/8/09

Hell yeah! Best damn album ever created by Slipknot! They make nu metal better than it ever was before. People see Slipknot as a hard, disturbing, edgy, death band. In All Hope Is gone, they show a soft side that tells people that they aren't as evil and disturbed as people think they are. I support the Nine and all of their songs are great, edgy or not.

please people stop talk shits | Reviewer: Milan | 2/12/09

This is a great album which is made of realy heavy songs, like gematria, wherein lies continue, all hope is gone, and also great melodic songs like snuff, child of burning time, till we die. corey is a talent man, and it has to be a couple slow and melodic song by reason of that. exactly that songs show us that slipknot is for sure the best metal band. so, people, if you realy like slipknot, like I do, you will honestly like all their songs, no matter if they are slow, of heavy.

good album | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/23/09

i really like this one. it has a very dark feel to it. admittedly it isn't as heavy as before, but it is for a reason. If corey had continued with his previous vocal style, it would have caused his lungs to collapse. so yea... it may not sound as heavy but its still just as dark.

Good but.... | Reviewer: Connie | 1/10/09

its a great album...but a few too many slow, but its of course a great pleasure to hear the fantastic voice of corey...I however prefer stuff like : liberate, disasterpiece etc...slipknot is to me the best thing since sliced bread...hehehehhe LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

sic,sic,sic,weel... ...good | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/08

This album's good, real good, but good's a low rate for Slipknot. After three thundering albums they throw this out, album with main song that should be great song, and I stil didn't realize why it's not great, just good. If it wasn't for Psychosocial I would probably make mistake of not listening to full album. What the hell... ...did we... to deserve all of this?

a good album | Reviewer: anthony | 11/3/08

this is a really good album done by slipknot. but i think they can improve in some spots like when it goes from snuff to all hope is gone i think i shouldn't have gone from soft to hard like that. but overall it was a good album.

very proud. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/2/08

i love this album.
its seems that most bands are trying out new things...including Slipknot.

its remings me of an 80's rock/metal.
[there is a melody...more than just screaming]

don't get me wrong, the screaming is eargasmic...but now your get to expand your sights on the band.

favourite songs [must listen to]:
-Gematria (The Killing Name)
-This Cold Black
-Wherein Lies Continue
-All Hope Is Gone

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