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When Slim Thug decided to name his major label debut,
Already Platinum, the Houston, Texas-based rapper wasn't
suffering from a bout of wishful thinking. On the contrary,
he was stating a fact: a bold proclamation that even though
he was anonymous to most people outside the state of Texas,
he had already sold enough records in his home state to be
certified a veritable rap star. Now the rest of the country
will be able to hear what's made Slim Thug Already Platinum.

Slim Thug's major-label debut solo album will be released
by Geffen More...

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Submit Slim Thug New Lyrics

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    ------ About the song Thug performed by Slim Thug

1st verse: I represent the H at the bottom of the map
2nd verse: And they goin let us in, or get they ass beat...Drop that G-T a blessing from the Lord...So haters don't be mad at me blame it on God
3rd verse: Well come on over here, I can feed ya appetite...And I ain't gotta say it, that's already understood

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