Slightly Stoopid Lyrics

MILES DOUGHTY - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
KYLE MCDONALD - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Ryan Moran- Drums
Oguer Ocon -Congas, Percussion, Harp

Throughout modern pop culture, melodic music representing
the California lifestyle has always had its place (Beach
Boys, Eagles, Grateful Dead, Red Hot Chili Peppers,
Sublime, Jack Johnson to name a few), and every era yields
a definitive reggae-influenced rock band with HUGE
breakthrough commercial success (The Clash, The Police,
UB40, Sublime, Shaggy, etc.). SLIGHTLY STOOPID, a clear
descendant of that More...

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Review about Slightly Stoopid songs
Mine's a little off | Reviewer: Donovan
    ------ About the song Mona June performed by Slightly Stoopid

You forgot the part after "Eyes so green like she come from above
Mona June". Angela says something else, can't tell exactly, but it's something like "without you, i would never see the world like i do"

peace&love | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Wiseman performed by Slightly Stoopid

In the greater scheme of things, we are all fools. That is what this song is about. We are minuscule. Our existence is temporary and quick. The man who understands he is ultimately a "fool" is the wiser one because he understands that our perceptions of reality are merely one of infinite means. I recommend "Babylon is falling" also

all i really needed was a friend like you | Reviewer: tayla the killa milla
    ------ About the song Closer To The Sun performed by Slightly Stoopid

closer to the sun to me means being closer to yourself. finding who you are and what you want in the Universe. Seeing whose your true friend and a fake one. Being closer to who i am and being father awayfrom those who don't matter. this song means a lot to me, wish it was longer. live free

Awesome Song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Closer To The Sun performed by Slightly Stoopid

Slightly Stoopid is one of those bands that dont just have a few good songs but a whole album of sick songs..There the reason why i started to play guitar, aint nothin like smoking some weed while jammin their songs

meaning of closer to the my eyes | Reviewer: wild flower
    ------ About the song Closer To The Sun performed by Slightly Stoopid

In my eyes closer to the sun means closer to god. And farther from the moon is farther from sin : ) this song make me feel good..thas all that matters right. The acustic is so heavenly I I think god secretly influenced them to make a song like this. It makes me feel closer to my warm sun" )

The wiseman | Reviewer: Jaren
    ------ About the song Wiseman performed by Slightly Stoopid

It's supposed to make you think. It's similar to the Dunning-Kruger Effect where an intellectual individual feels he is inferior and a less intelligent individual feels he is of superior intelligence. The wiseman "who feel he a fool" doesn't stand for his beliefs because he doesn't believe he´╗┐ is able to. The man "who don't think he's a fool" is the one who influences the world. Poorly. Thus it's supposed to make you reflect on yourself.

listen to the music | Reviewer: slightlyjzam
    ------ About the song Closer To The Sun performed by Slightly Stoopid

every song is open for interpretation by the listener man. there is no wrong or right meaning in the mind of the listener. there might be an intended meaning the artist was trying to convey, but what the lyrics mean to YOU is what matters most.

You are all stupid | Reviewer: some dude
    ------ About the song Closer To The Sun performed by Slightly Stoopid

arguing about music.... wow its just music why argue about stuff that is there and will always be there its all about having fun not what band is the best so yeah you are all stupid and for that i applaud you all for Stupidity of the Highest Caliber

killer song | Reviewer: jordan
    ------ About the song This Joint performed by Slightly Stoopid

"We rollin' it up in Philly and I'm gettin' the weed from Cali."

No doubt that's what they're sayin' but it's up to you. Sing what you want, it's a killer song either way. :)
Best show I've ever been to was Slightly Stoopid and (I think, but don't really remember) G-love at Penn's Landing in Philly. Whole crowd was passin' L's. Group behind us had a mini bong and didn't hesitate to share. Security creeped up on us and I was thinkin' they were gonna say something but dude hit it and walked off. Wasn't really thinkin' bout who else might've been hittin' the same shit as I was and I did get sick from for about a week but at least it wasn't serious, like an STD or something. haha. And when they started playin' this tune, man they whole place was on fire. Shoulda seen the clouds.. Thought I'd share my experience.

mediocre poker | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Closer To The Sun performed by Slightly Stoopid

honestly c4wombat knows what he's talking about, and you cant really label them as ska, because there may be only one or two songs that actually sound like ska, slightly stoopid is just laid back, feel good, non discriminating music that is impossible to hate. and if i had to label the genre it would be skaggae punkoustic

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