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Black Sabbath Sleeping Village/A Bit Of Finger Lyrics

Last updated: 12/01/2013 05:49:00 AM

Red sun rising in the sky
Sleeping village, cockerels cry
Soft breeze blowing in the trees
peace of mind, feel at ease

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Classic | Reviewer: Rick R | 12/1/13

This song is the coolest. Black Sabbath, with it's British roots, endeavored into the heaviest of metals, at an age when young adults were frolicking in the sand, listening to the Beach Boys.

In this hit, Tony Iommi lays it down, with the 'Prince of Darkness' Ozzy Osbourne at the helm.

A blistering instrumental insert, highlights a 'journey' of the mind into uncharted waters.

I cannot urge you enough to listen to this masterpiece. This is where Heavy Metal started, without the need for speed, exceeding with style.