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Sarah Brightman Sleep Tight Lyrics

Last updated: 07/12/2011 11:00:00 AM

We saw Fantasia in a far off land,
Cry for the living in the desert sand.
They waited underneath a splintered moon.
To hear the beating of an ancient tune.

Sleep tight.
The reaper's waiting in the wings.
Sleep tight.
To reap a man of many things.
Sleep tight.
Look through the eyes of destiny.
Sleep tight.
We find the kingdom but He holds the key.

I met a seer who believes and dreams,
our blood is running through eternal streams.
Dust you'll return and dust you shall remain.
Cuz that's the only heart that beats and beats again.

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Christian | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/12/11

Fantasia is heaven; Cry in the dessert is from the rebellious Israelites in Exodus; Splintered moon refers to the last days; God's Spirit of death reaps or saves to eternal life, those who have served God in the many things they were created to do; by following God's Son Jesus Christ the true Kingdom will be found; in obeying God's will and purpose Jesus will unlock the gates and welcome us into His Kingdom; God created Adam from the dust of the earth and our bodies have returned to dust since that time; but through the love of God, the breath of His Spirit breathed into us at the first, will return to Him at the last; this is our true purpose and God's hope.

This Song | Reviewer: Karyn | 12/17/10

This song (along with "Time To Say Goodbye" with Andrea Boccelli gave me much comfort when I lost my 20 year old son 14 years ago. They again gave much comfort to family on the recent passing of our father. With respect, I have to strongly disagree with Kuva, nothing creepy "about" this one, and I happen to be comforted in my belief that they have been returned to the Great Mother (earth) who birthed us all.

... | Reviewer: Vada | 1/11/08

I looked up the lyrics before I heard the song...they wernt what I expected them to be at all. I was expecting something...different. But I do like it, just not in the way I expected to.
The singer has an amazing voice...& that is especially necessary for these lyrics. Her voice has to be able to back up what she is saying...if that makes any sence to anybody but me.
But, yes. Overall: Good song.

Dust we shall not remain | Reviewer: Kuva | 7/1/07

Good song, and interesting lyrics. Though, the last two lines are off. I happen to know that we will be resurrected and live immortal forever, so dust we'll return yet shall not remain so. Jesus Christ laid that path for us when He was resurrected at Easter. It's kind of a creepy song, the way the lyrics are, yet relaxing in the way she sings, and the way the song sounds.